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Fiverr CS cancelled my order after I delivered


And the user is no longer available, that’s meant he/she was here purpose to get free work done?

I knew this happen all the time to seller, what can we do to prevent this? Luckily it just a small order.

This similar thing happened 2 times, one is being file disputed and cancelled though.


Means the buyer performed a chargeback.

What can you do? Absolutely nothing. No protection against it either.


I think so, nothing we can do as a seller unfortunately.
We actually risking about doing free work every second on fiverr here if facing these kind of buyers.

Fiverr should charge their buyer $1 fee like Google Adsense to validate their PayPal before let them purchase gig on fiverr. I think this is effective among both parties.


Just for future reference, though; isn’t an automatic watermark put on deliveries until they’re accepted? Or is that for artwork only? And if it’s NOT automatically watermarked, can’t something be put on orders to where a “buyer” couldn’t use it?


Yeah, watermark is good but I wish can adjust the watermark opacity because it’s always appeared at the middle of my portrait and buyer unable to see my artwork clearly, or maybe they allow seller to set somewhere else on the artwork instead of middle.