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Fiverr CS caused cancellation of completed order harming my cancellation rate, buyer misinformed

Hello. I always avoid dealing with CS and ask my buyers to do the same… always contact me first I ask.

Today I’ve been proved once again that I was right. Buyer ordered custom amount of gigs from me and I finished the order, did everything well.

Then something happened… buyer sent me the message:

"For example, I have a balance of $25 and I made a $60 purchase. Instead of first using the $25 and charging me $35, Fiverr just charged me $60."

But the buyer contacted CS first and they suggested cancellation and asked to redo this order promising it will not affect anyone. The buyer believed, so now I have my first cancellation without any reason and have to go with this order from start…

We all know that system is full of bugs and problems, but at least they could manually fix those and don’t

force us to go through all that stupid things wasting our time, we pay money for that…

I hate when they prefer to go the easy way and I wish there was a way to punish them for that