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Fiverr CS is evolving, just backwards

I have been doing Fiverr since 2016, I have not really used CS as frequently as others I suppose, but when I was starting out, I had a couple of issues that made me contact CS and they had a really good response rate. Like, x100 better than now. Usually within 24hours or 2 days.

I contact CS again recently about some issues with 2 of my clients. The first request I sent was 11 days ago, and I’m yet to receive a response, I had to NOT move forward with the order after.

I sent another request 7 days ago asking for information about another client and again I still did not get any response still, Luckily my client is in no rush.

I could’ve done everything without asking CS but what if that resulted in banning my account? Obviously, no one wants that, so you ask CS. But what do you do when CS doesn’t reply?

I think Fiverr really should put some more focus on their CS. CS is key in any business. You have to implement a faster, smoother experience. I know they probably get A LOT of requests within a day but they should really figure something out.

Maybe hire more people for CS? Hire well-experienced sellers? What do you guys think?


I think, They have shutdown… soon it will impact on overall website rating and performance.!!

I got Auto bot response on my ticket.


Yoav | Team Lead Sunday at 12:20

Hi there,

Thank you for reaching out to Fiverr Support! This auto-reply is just to let you know that we received your inquiry and will get back to you with a (human) response as soon as possible. Due to the high demand, the current response times may extend up to 10 business days.

In the meantime, we suggest you to use the Help Center for information and FAQ’s, the Resolution Center for order related issues, and our Self-help tools prior to contacting our support at:


The Fiverr Support Team

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CS is no longer on the site, there is only a semblance of CS that unsubscribe with template text or blanks by category. I know from my own experience, since all recent conversions there in 1-2 months passed without any result. I.e, they always wrote to me that everything was good and wonderful)). I think the pace will go on, then a deplorable story awaits him).

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So They are charging 20% commission to the buyers sells and 5% to the Customer - Overall 25% Revenue to each order!!

Worse CS response.!! Overall bad business practice !!

This is the exact message I got, and I think this is what most people got. It truly feels like it has been shutdown lol! Sad.

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Refuse free money? - Never. Do or fix something - Never. They can change an unnecessary font and logo, and not fix bugs, glitches, flaws on the site. This is the way we go, we get money and do nothing - a successful business model)

I’m really tired of everything here on fiverr. :sleepy:


If their excuse is the Pandemic. That would be really disappointing cause I’m sure this is something someone can do in their homes. Also I’m sure well experienced seller wouldn’t mind helping CS once in a while if they get paid. Maybe they should introduce a system like that. Just like the CSGO overwatch feature (check it out).


An online service that can’t do anything because everyone is at home. This is exactly about Fiverr))))))

CS only respond to give you warning or ban you for stupid reason.

They should really look into this.

Definitely false… CS is active and available, you just need to wait for them to get back to you.


Fiverr HQ is In Israel.

They are currently riding a rough 2nd wave of Covid-19.

Their government imposed a strict lockdown.

I don’t have exact numbers but I know that only a fraction of Fiverr staff had the ability/resources to work from home.

Fiverr CS is under tremendous pressure at the moment with tickets being left unanswered for days due to lack of agents.

@fast_editing I hate to break it to you, but that’s not why you pay a 20% cut on your sales. (Customer support I mean)


Also,this is what Fiverr said on Facebook to a statement similar to yours.


Poeple don’t undestand that the pandemic really ended up bringing severe problems, add to that the fact that the number of users has tripled at the very least during the pandemic. Plus, the most important issue here, a lot of people contact CS for any stupid thing, most CS inquiries could be avoided if people just read the rules and supporting articles. So I can see why it takes more than a week for them to reply, due to all these reasons.


They already get back to me, answering in general terms and so not solving any of my problems and just closing my requests. Available and active does not mean that it is effective and productive.


Yes, the response time could somehow be understood if it gave a result. But I will say this, 1-2 years ago CS worked much better than the CS that was even before Covid-19 in this year.


I understand that Fiverr must be under a lot of pressure. A lot of companies are. But Shouldn’t they have implemented some kind of a method to make CS smoother long before COVID? I have not seen any improvements over the years.

Also, Would you care to explain why only a fraction of the Fiverr staff has the resources to work from home?


Fiverr CS works with super sonic speed in this situation no matter whole world in warzone or covid :

  1. If seller do broke any rules.
  2. If seller try to serve better experience to customer to giving number or mail etc.

I have been here for almost seven years. It has gone from very personal knowing people in the company and communicating with them to very robotic and standard canned response.


Yes I agree, A LOT of inquiries are about common issues which has already been solved in forum or in TOS. But I’m sure Fiverr is doing well.

“Amid the workforce disruption of the coronavirus crisis, Fiverr’s Q2 2020 revenue grew by 82% over revenue in Q2 2019, and the company achieved positive adjusted EBITDA for the first time.”

Active Buyers Grew to 2.8 million as of the end Q2 2020, compared to 2.2 million as of the end Q2 2020, an increase of 28% year over year.

They’re doing way better with the pandemic, I’m sure they could allocate some resources for CS.