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Fiverr CS is evolving, just backwards

It’s an estimate for the most common categories.


Here is a graph from SimilarWeb showing the increase in visits to since March 20 and until August 20. Pretty close to the beginning of the majority of the lockdowns across the world.


I had to walk through the city today and passed several shops and restaurants that had closed down, permanently (and that’s just some immediately visible cases). If the worst we personally feel of the pandemic in our line of work is slower customer support response times, we honestly can count ourselves lucky.
I’m very glad this platform exists, all the more in a situation like this, where I just can keep working, without any health risk.

However, if this situation with the long response times (personally, I got as fast, or almost as fast responses like before) will continue, maybe they should consider better automation of the resolution center for the real issues, for example, there could be reasons defined like “buyer bought accidentally”, “buyer ordered something my gig doesn’t offer”, etc., which, when both seller and buyer click it, would cancel the order without any penalty to the seller’s stats, so that only the issues that really need human intervention would end up on the support desk.

This is supposed to be a joke, I hope. Well, I know it isn’t, but how about reading the … manual and not doing anything that triggers a warning or ban, so support can spend their time on actual issues instead of warning or banning the same person over and over again. How often does someone need to be warned or banned to finally read the rules and stick to them? Judging from many forum posts, I’m pretty convinced that support gets at least the same amount of totally unneeded tickets as actual issues that can’t be solved (or, even better, prevented) by the users themselves.

I’d prefer if they’d fix things like sellers not being able to set a maximum amount for gig multiples, for instance, too, however, the customer support people, the font and logo people, and the gig people might be different people, and if the font person or people are fine, there’s not really a reason to not change the font, just because the support people are too few and overwhelmed, unless the font person would be okay being trained as support person and helping out there.


Can we please get real. Three things.

Firstly, nobody could have foreseen the coronavirus pandemic. Many businesses and support structures around the world that worked well prior to Covid-19 have collapsed or are struggling to survive. Fiverr’s customer support appears to be no exception.

Secondly, as @frank_d has pointed out, Fiverr is based in Israel. The country is not only experiencing a second lockdown, but it’s recently recorded its highest ever daily infection rate - and now has one of the highest infection rates per capita of any country anywhere in the world. Businesses and entire communities in Israel are in crisis. I really do think we need to be far more understanding of the serious problem facing Israel.

Thirdly, the number of new sellers on Fiverr has increased sharply since the start of lockdown. If the poor quality of posts from many new sellers on the forum is anything to go by, Fiverr CS must be completely overwhelmed with tickets from people asking the most basic of questions. As we can witnesses on the forums, many new sellers aren’t reading Fiverr’s terms of service, many aren’t prepared to carry out even a basic level of research to find their own solutions, there are some new sellers who can hardly string a sentence together in understandable English and yet are expecting orders to flood in, there appears to be a rise in people seeking unethical practices, etc.

Please people, show some understanding about what is happening in the world and cut Fiverr some slack. We are still in the middle of a global pandemic, and Fiverr is located in a country that is one of the very worst affected in the entire world. Don’t be ignorant.


I have sent several ticket for my issues here but everytime i got automated reply and after 10 days it’s automatically closed without solving issues.

It wasn’t like this before pandemic. When i have joined at the beginning i got responses in 1 or 2 business days and now I’m not getting any response and many seller are complaining about that…


Let’s be very clear:

  1. All the “I’m not having a problem with CS” comments are TRS and Pros - they have priority, even now. L2s, L1s and L0s are waiting up to 10 days or more for a response, unless they are very lucky.

  2. Buyers also have priority. A buyer who asks for a cancellation will get it. Even if your ticket was raised first, or the order was completed months ago. Cancellation requests from buyers are easy and quick to deal with. My impression, both from my own experience and from the posts on this forum, is that instructions about this may well have changed to “get it done, don’t investigate”. That’s certainly what it looks like.

  3. Someone saw the tsunami coming. As the virus spread across south east Asia at the end of last year, Fiverr (and probably other platforms) began to see an increasing influx of new sellers - the pre-tsunami wave, if you llke. And they must have made plans to deal with it, as much as anyone could. CS began to be a lot more trigger happy with warnings, cancellations and account deactivations around that time. I recall my advice chaning to “don’t attract CS’s attention if you can avoid it”.

  4. When the virus arrived across the world, first in the West and then spreading to Asia and now Africa, a tsunami of new sellers arrived … bringing with it a - surely coincidental! - adjustment of the fiverr algorithm. All of us have been affected by this.

  5. As new sellers arrived, of course they searched for youtube videos on how to be a success on Fiverr. And of course they found advice by Fiverr gurus that might have worked even last year … but not now. Screams of outrage and pain.

  6. Frank’s couple of recent articles are incredibly useful for experienced sellers being hit by the changes. Read them. Take notes and think very carefully about how you can adjust.

  7. Up until the virus, people would sign up, maybe make a couple of sales and then give up and go away. This is not happening now. Many of the new sellers are desperate and must find ways of feeding themselves and their families. They’re not going away any time soon.

  8. The result of all of this is that, even though numbers of buyers have increased a great deal, they are totally outnumbered by sellers many times over. This means there are fewer of them to go around. See note 6 above.

  9. For some reason Fiverr seems unwilling to do what other companies are doing - employing experienced customer service agents from other countries as extra CS agents. I don’t know why. They also don’t seem to be able to supply those CS agents who don’t have resources with the equipment they need to work remotely. I don’t know why that is either.

  10. The result of all of this is that CS can’t cope and, as sellers, we need to up our game, keep an eye out for any potential red flags … and eat the cancellations if necessary.

  11. This will pass (I hope!), but not soon. It will probably take another year for track and trace in every country to become anything like efficient (I live in the UK - don’t get me started on that), for decent, fast tests to be available … and, I don’t know if anyone’s noticed, but vaccine talk has put availability dates back several times so far.

  12. In conclusion: practice patience. Everyone is affected, not just you. Put your energy into improving your gigs, together with delivering outstanding work … that’s the only way you’re going to improve your experience on Fiverr


Extremely good points. A lot of them are understandable in nature. Not improving support (even before the pandemic!) by recruiting more, and better support agents isn’t. I have no reason to complain, since as you mentioned, it doesn’t affect Pro’s and TRS’s that much, but Fiverr’s support system has always been very inconsistent. And pinning that down on the pandemic only perpetuates a real problem.


I just wanted to point out that @nsmadsen and I are not Pros or TRSs. :wink: I guess we are very lucky. :four_leaf_clover:


I have a few people in my circle who work in support, big companies and small, and the transition to working from home was quick and painless for all of them. Considering that fiverr doesn’t provide support via phone and it’s only in writing (a few short sentences at that) I’d assume it’d be even smoother.

Whether it’s due to severe technical limitations, corporate culture or both, it’s not for me to say. But it’s unsettling to read an increasing number of posts about both buyers and sellers basically throwing their tickets to the wind to never get a response, no matter how urgent their issue is.

PS I’m a TRS and haven’t been affected so far. But I also haven’t had anything serious happen since the pandemic started, something that would involve multiple responses, tickets, team lead involvement, etc.


The following thoughts arise. Either CS worked for “tick” from the very beginning, they say we have them and everything works, or they just made a good cut in the staff, “in any case we will receive money regardless of whether the problem is solved or not.” Maybe this is so, or maybe not, but such thoughts come to my mind. :rofl:

It´s just my though but I cann´t imagine how boring the CS work could be. Middle and longterm. I suppose it´s like a call center with huge fluctuation.

Well, new one, let´s teach them the rules… again and again.

Working from home may not be solution for CS. I believe a lot of people can not work from home in long term. They need social contacts and would love to come back to the office. For at least a few days in a week.

I believe the proper solution will come with artificial intelligence in near future.

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I’ve seen several sellers without Pro or TRS level say they get more or less pre-Covid response times, and actually, considering how many users there are, I think there could be many more complaints even on the forum if those super-long response times were the absolute norm - but I understand how frustrating it is, of course. Ten days or more is too long, and shouldn’t be the norm but it’s a special and unprecedented situation we’re dealing with.
I had an insurance case a while ago, they needed full two weeks to even get back to me at all, add several days until I got the money to replace the damaged and badly needed item. I have a friend whose company was hit badly and is only slowly getting back on track, and employees had to take a big cut in work hours and salary. I know someone who heavily relied on income from the hospitality sector and had zero income for months, and depending on how things go, might face the same again. Many businesses didn’t even survive the forced lockdown. It’s not as if Fiverr are the only ones who were, and are, overwhelmed by this. Some of us kind of live in a freelancer bubble but we’re still in the middle of a pandemic.

Regarding the matter of hiring additional support staff or even experienced sellers, yes, would be nice, I’m sure, however, they are dealing with a lot of sensitive information, and people’s livelihoods, need to make reasonably sure that support staff wouldn’t or don’t have the ability to abuse their position, etc. I’d guess they are working on it, but it might take time, and we all know how it can be hit or miss with (new) support staff, they’d need proper training to handle things.
If their resources are already spread thin due to Covid itself and the influx of new users (I also imagine of many more inexperienced and unwilling to read users, and the amount and kind of spam I’m getting lately, seems to confirm that), they probably slso don’t have enough qualified staff to do the training, and letting not sufficiently qualified staff do that might not be a good solution either.

They obviously know that there’s an issue, and I’m sure they are working on it, so long we’ll have to do our best to do what we can to mitigate issues, solve issues with creative work-arounds, work things out with buyers, etc., to only have to rely on support for things we really can’t do anything about.
I may have priority support and get faster replies, however that doesn’t mean that I haven’t got any still open technical support tickets, that my main gig wasn’t inactive for weeks, that my extras were (or still are, I gave up on them for the time being) a bloody mess, or that I only have 100% awesome customers who never cause issues.

I very much hope that the situation will look up soon enough - so that people’s lives may be saved, and people may stop living in constant fear, and the world may be it’s old differently crazy self again someday, more or less, not because of slower support response times. Those certainly are annoying and an issue that should be worked on, but in the face of what we’re dealing with as a whole, we shouldn’t lose perspective.

That isn’t to say that issues shouldn’t be brought up and worked on, of course, and we ourselves can do quite a bit by helping each other through the forum, at least with issues that don’t absolutely require Fiverr support, by sharing our work-arounds and strategies, etc., as many of us do.

(That again, of course, requires people to clearly post their issues, preferably timely, where possible, without forum users who might be able and willing to help, passing because of not enough input; willing to help doesn’t equal willing to pull teeth, extracting info that should’ve been stated in an OP, post by post.)


If the ticket numbers go up by 1 each time, it seems like they’re now getting around 3339 tickets on average per day (4/5/20-27/7/20 avg) compared to around 2165 previously (10/5/19-18/3/20 avg) so daily support tickets seem to have gone up by around 54% compared to how it was previously.

This is what Fiverr said about working from home plans for COVID19 (though maybe that’s mostly for their IT department rather than CS, but it seems like all employees are already supplied with laptops - unless they only meant the IT department):

What do we need from IT in order to be ready for WFH?” Being a ‘Born in the cloud’ company, the answer was pretty simple: Laptops (which all employees are already equipped with) and an internet connection. Well……that is only partly true…


As someone who works as a social media staff who has to sometimes double as CS due to long queue of tickets for said CS, I can give several insights:

1.) CS are not final decision makers
You have to understand that CS rarely have the final say in complex cases. They have some degree of power and jurisdiction, yes, but if your issue has something to do with bugs/other technical issues or - even worse - a lot of money, they have to consult either other department(s) related to the case or their manager (who may or may not also have to ask another department’s decision maker for assistance). This rarely takes a few hours or even a few days.

2.) CS may work from home but others won’t
Just because CS can work from home and even if they have stable hardware and internet connection, other departments who have to rely on physical products such as IT may have limited hours at work and don’t work on weekends. Managers, typically, also won’t answer messages on weekends if they could afford it unless something supremely urgent needs their attention. This leaves CS with no choice but to delay replying to you until they get their answers.

3.) Bureaucracy is real
Regarding why implementation of features takes ages on Fiverr, I could give you my personal experience on the company I work at. The last time they wanted to implement a technical feature that had received tremendous feedbacks and support from all users, it took them… 2 years. You heard that right. They had so many people to get approvals from and not all of them readily gave their okay without further queries and research. Then, there were beta testing. And more approvals. And more testing. And more feedbacks. And more approvals. It’s tedious work altogether.

All the above happened even without the current pandemic, so I imagine it would be even worse now.

If you have simple and straightforward issues, however, I believe CS could reply to you accordingly in a timely manner. Mine was replied to within 2-3 hours and I got what I wanted - then again, I was contacting them as a buyer back then. :wink:


Same issue waiting for CS from the last 10-12 days still no response. :neutral_face:

I understand that this is not a usual situation and that a lot of people are in trouble, with their family and friends losing jobs and getting sick. One of my family also lost his job. So I have a bit of experience on how much the pandemic affects.

But that’s not the point. Sure it takes so long to get approval for something, and that it is not easy as I said before. But they could’ve done something LONG before, I think. How much focus does Fiverr actually give to their sellers? I’m grateful that I have something like Fiverr to earn. I’m grateful for everything. I’m not being ignorant, just criticizing.

They should basically give some more focus on their sellers. CS is just one thing. CS is what I had most issues with. That’s why I made this post to see if you guys feel the same and if you guys know any solutions to this.

Fiverr is not our friend :stuck_out_tongue:

You’ve 1k+reviews so a lots of experience working here, so they’ll treat you like a Top rated and you’ll get support from CS as a Top rated :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Maybe, maybe not. @nsmadsen has less than 500 reviews and he gets the same service. But he is a level 2. Maybe Level 2 sellers get good CS too. :wink:


We do, most level 2 sellers receive a faster reply than lower levels. So instead of 10 days, it might take 5 or so. I just contacted customer support once since the pandemic started, and that was only due to scammers. I know they are busy, so I try to solve my issues directly with buyers. I rarely have to contact CS anyway. At least that’s my experience, I am sure for others it’s way different.


I’m a Level 2 seller. Two tickets over 10 days now :stuck_out_tongue: