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Fiverr CS is Something Else

This is going to be a RANT ya’ll, so hold onto your pants.

I’d been recently having an issue with one of my gigs not appearing in the search which I type in the exact title of my gig (the other gigs show up fine). The results are only 3 pages long, so I was able to review every page and I don’t show up. I contacted CS with the issue and they start giving me unsolicited advice that is completely not related to what I inquired about. I don’t know about you, but I really don’t appreciate being told how to run my business.

I’m going to post screenshots of the conversation, but it got me feeling some type of way. I mean, I was really straight forward and nice?


Their response:

Also, I’m already salty about being demoted over the cancellation rate, so yeah, I addressed a few things in my response:

Mostly just venting here, but I’m extremely put off by this interaction. I would absolutely love to have a discussion with CS about cancellation rates because it’s absolutely no way a business should be measured especially when we have zero control over who places an order with us. If could choose every person I work with, I would have a 0% cancellation rate, I can tell you that much.


There was a topic on this back in April where a user mentioned their gig was removed because there were a lot of orders in queue. Hopefully it will surface in the search again once the queue goes down.

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I’m honestly never experienced that before. There’s another seller who has over 100 orders in their queue but still show in the search, so that doesn’t make much sense.

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@topaz_muse is right, although it seems to be a less common issue. There have been multiple cases where sellers were dropped from search if they have a big queue and a simultaneously larger rate of late deliveries or cancellations. It seems to be a “strategy” the Editors use at times. I’m not defending the practice,just confirming you aren’t the only one who has experienced this.

Arguing with Support when they give you more detailed feedback is probably not going to yield your preferred outcome. Good luck.

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Thank you for elaborating! That makes more sense.

I don’t think what I responded with was the best tactic, but I’m beyond frustrated with everything and I needed to vent. That’s my only excuse lol. I don’t expect much to come from it, but I needed a release.

ETA: If the CS team had worded it the way you did, it would have been more understandable. As they want to claim they can’t tell us anything about the algorithm and simultaneously criticize how I handle my business, it was a bit like salt in the wound.

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I think Support tries to stick to recycled responses to avoid being inaccurate. It doesn’t always work. To me, it’s better than the usual brief response of “we don’t guarantee appearance in search” but I guess it depends on perspective. Hope it works out.