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Fiverr CS isn't Replying

2 months ago I created a ticket of CS help. They are not replying to me. Now, it’s 2 months ago and the ticket is automatically closed. I create 3 more tickets regarding different problems. Still, 1 month has passed but no reply and the ticket are automatically closed. I created another ticket regarding I’m not receiving any reply now 7 days passed to this ticket still no response!
I can’t believe that Fiverr is a billion-dollar company but they don’t have any single CS agent which can reply to me? I’m so upset from their this type of attitude. That’s not fair!!

You can do it also, just create a ticket and they will never reply to you again!


They have been replying to me within 5 to ten days, so I do not understand why you have had 4 tickets go unanswered.

Are you professional and polite when you contact them?


Yes, I am brother. I sent tickets regarding different issues not the same. I think they have personal hostility with me. Isn’t it?

Same with me. I don’t even know why they close automatically the unanswered tickets!!!

Yup mine also closes automatically. I think they have a lack of CS agents. Still, I didn’t get any reply from them

Be understanding and don’t take it personally.
CS is currently facing a tough time, we all are in the midst of a pandemic and they are handling a lot - and I mean it, a lot - of new tickets everyday made by thousand new sellers. They are overburdened.
Even if you feel it’s unfair that they closed your tickets, be patient and try to resolve your problems (if it’s possible) reading this forum. Sometimes you’ll find helpful answers here. :slight_smile:


My office was wrecked into fire and My all work was saved in that PC which is now a part of that ash and I can’t find my har disk. I sent this image to my buyer to explain him. Is that Ok?

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That was my ticket which is now closed automatically. Could someone tell me is that ok?

Same experience! But we have to be patient and hope for the best until this pandemic is gone.

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The 2 month @ahsan457 was waiting are too much aswell as the 5-10 days @vickiespencer was waiting is not really what fiverr says at the bottom of every request (see below).

Due to a high volume of Customer Support requests, there will be an expected response time of 24-48 hours. Please refrain from submitting multiple support requests as this will increase the time to respond to your request.

I am also experiencing 7 - 9 days on average till my requests get answered. These long waiting times started for me in October. Before I usually recieved a reply within 1-2 days.

About the pandemic: I am not really understanding why the pandemic that is been going for over half a year should be causing these issues as many parts of the economy especially online businesses took the time to switch to home office / remote work places.

I dont know how it is for you guys, but I am noticing a lot more bugs on the plattform like false substraction of comission fees and bugs in the user interface.

My idea is that more bugs on the plattform led to more customer service requests which led to longer waiting times simply because its too much work. Thats all I can think of right know that would make sense to me.

Did you guys also notice more bugs since October?

Lets hope things switch to normal soon…

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I’m facing alooooooot more than this. they never reply. if they reply they pretend that there is no issue. my account or the fiverr new update cam with aloooot of bugs. everyday there is a new bug… I contact them but they never reply me if they reply they never solved my issue. so unhelping fiverr CS is. I’m really fed up now. :frowning:

How and where you do you even post a support request?
Not made easy to find at all :frowning: thanks in advance!