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Fiverr CS not responding (been 16 days)

Dear Fiverr team,

It is such a horrifying moment for me. It has been 16 days and I haven’t heard back from Customer Support regarding an order issue stated here.
This buyer ordered a write-up for $20 and $5. He falsely accused my work for being plagiarized (even though he couldn’t prove and I did prove to him that it was totally 100% unique). He requested me for a refund and I politely did (it was mutually cancelled) even after delivering the work and further modifying it. I spent two complete days on this leaving aside all other work and in the end after I delivered him the work, he simply wanted a refund with some illogical blaming. HE BASICALLY GOT THE WORK FOR FREE, and on top of that he marked the $5 order complete to leave a horrible review. (please read it, its simply so unethical to do that)!
I am a new seller on Fiverr trying to build a reputation with good work and excellent service (you could check the other reviews)! But this is really so terrible. You could check the quality of work and run it on plagiarism detector. I didn’t seem to understand what was he looking for. He first praised the essay and then later left such horrible review.

It is such a torture for me. I request you to please consider this and pull down his review. It is upsetting as the review is so so unethical of someone to do on a professional platform.

Please help me Fiverr!


If you did the work, why are you giving it away for free? You did the work, you should decline cancellation requests, and get paid for it.

No, actually, you GAVE it to him for free. You should have said “no” and declined the refund request.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing unethical about that. As a buyer, he is allowed to leave any review that he thinks best reflects HIS experience working with you. He does not have to post a positive review.

Fiverr does not delete reviews. Reviews are permanent, and reflect a buyer’s experience with the order. I’m sorry to hear that you are upset with how things turned out, but that doesn’t mean his review is inappropriate. Perhaps you can take this experience, and use it as a learning experience, so that you can avoid other orders like this in the future.


I’m sorry but your story doesn’t work.
Did you cancel an order mutually or did he mark it complete with a review?
Those 2 things can not happen together.
You either cancel mutually or he mark it complete with a review.


So there were 2 orders, one for $20 and other for $5 for the same work

Yes I understand that. I am a new seller and I got scared that he would leave another bad review. Also I called his review unethical because he is calling me ‘horrible person’ and he has taken it personally which I feel is not professional

It may be unprofessional, and certainly unkind, but it isn’t unethical. You may want to consult the actual meaning of “unethical” in the dictionary, as that does not seem to apply in this instance.


Why 2 orders for the same work?

EDIT: It looks like that buyer is no longer on Fiverr. Perhaps he was banned.

I do hope that, when he said you wrote an essay for him, it was not academic work written on someone else’s behalf, to be presented as their own. That would be a ToS violation.


Forget about it and move on, unfortunately there are bugs in the system that let scammers take advantage of sellers.

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He did not mention anything like that but yes he has been restricted from contacting. I am not sure what that is.

So the major issue they had is plagiarism which I proved their essay to be 100% unique and he had no proof at all.

Apologies, I posted that comment in the wrong thread :see_no_evil:

Never mind :slight_smile: It’s okay

As we say in Russia, “a double-edged sword.” In a dispute, both are always to blame, one way or another.)