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Fiverr CS not responding, should I just cancel order?

I had an aggressive buyer who I said I would not provide service to. I could not block this person from the web app and he ended up placing an order for a bunch of random, unrelated things.

I’m now in a pickle where I do not wish to provide service as I know he will give a bad review anyway (he placed this order to force me to cancel, essentially). I reached out to CS, but haven’t heard anything in about a week. The order is due soon, so I will need to cancel through the resolution center. Should I wait for CS still or just go ahead and cancel first and see if CS forgives it?

How badly would this impact me? This was a semi-large order



Unfortunately, cancellations affect your profile whichever method you choose. If you can get a response from CS, the effect will be less …

CS are taking a very long time to respond. Make sure that your ticket is still open and that it has been assigned to someone.

You can send an email to with the ticket number in the subject line and a request to attend to it. Otherwise just wait.


So in this particular case, are you suggesting to let the order to go beyond the delivery date and wait for CS to respond and cancel it? Or should I cancel first and wait for CS to respond and adjust the impact of the cancellation retroactively?


I think this is pretty clear:

Don’t ask me - or anyone - to make the decision for you.


Sorry… I suppose what I’m asking is if CS can retroactively apply adjustments to cancellations or am I closing that door by cancelling something on my end. That was not clear to me. I’m not asking for a decision, just clarification. Thanks!

The answer to that is - I don’t know. You’ll have to ask CS.

First you’ll have to get them to respond …

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Got it thank you for your help

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I recommend you explore the resolution page via the order page to pick a more suitable or flexible option while you wait for CS. Be polite to your customer always. You could use the resolution centre to extend the delivery period while you wait on CS. Over all always be kind and polite to your customers. Do not bring yourself low to exchange words with your customer. Remember customers are always right. Wait for CS to respond and prove your case. I believe CS will investigate and offer a viable solution.

I believe if you don’t deliver and CS cancels the order themselves, you automatically get a 1 star review with a comment that’s something like “failed to deliver on time”.