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Fiverr CSV file to excel

Hello Fiverr,

I’m trying to figure out my bookkeeping. Now I see that there is the option to download the cleared funds in a CSV file.
When I open the file in Excel, I get a mash of data in one column. I managed to separate the columns by comma’s. So after every comma in the CSV file, a new Excel column starts.

The problem now is that the earnings are shown in a very weird format. It automatically formats the amount columns as “Date” columns. For that reason, the column with the actual earnings get completely messed up.

Is there anyway I can make this document workable? Or are there any other programs you suggest to use?
My main goal is to count how much each gig has earned individually.

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards.


I’m alos having same issue, waiting for the solution. Thanks for sharing.

I’m using Excel 2106 - download the file, click on it to open it.

Then expand each of the columns so they can be seen properly - everything’s as it should be.