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i will try to contact with fiverr customer support. i submit a ticket. but i don’t get any reply from support team. generally they will take one business day for reply but i wait 4 days but even not get any reply.

so i will again submit another request to support team. this ticket also gone mostly 3 days. but i will not get any reply.

can anyone please tell me what’s the possibility problem ? is fiverr support team don’t give support any more? or it’s down for maintains ?

advanced thanks.


Their customer support ticket is totally useless. 1 month ago I submitted a affiliate support question without any response. This month they even did not pay my earned affiliate commissions.

After 2 customer support ticket and 2 affiliate support messages, I call directly to Fiverr offices in Telaviv, Israel. They did not attend my call. I only had the opportunity to leave a message to respond via email. Still waiting their response.

Today I’m gonna cancel all my Fiverr promoting campaings due this lack of payment and lack of communication.


yes, i am agree with you. this customer support is something like use less. last year one of my friend account was disable by report a bad client. he was reached almost level 2 seller. you know how hardy to make a good seller profile.
so he done his job and submit that to his client. but the client was very bad. after getting the full working file he report to fiverr customer care that he don’t work good.

so fiverr customer care permanently disable his id without look after the matter. it’s very bad service. they should be look after the matter carefully.
although his account balanced contain over $100. but they also not give him chance to withdraw this.


hello #arshad1987

if your account will permanently disable then you will not able to get back your account.
if temporary locked you id then you can submit a apple to customer care to gate back your id.


are you hep me any answer


you should be contact with support team.


Where have support team?



here is Fiverr Support
For next time please create a new topic on forum to discuss your own problem :wink:
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I will not active account


Submit a request :slight_smile: Follow this link


I want to live chart in support custom


Live chat is not avilable for now, need to open a ticket. Please do not continue any off topic discussion here :slight_smile:


Yea. the Fiverr support team is very reliable. They will resolve your problem in no time


Ticket #2007945
login result
This account was disabled. If you feel this was done in error, please contact our support team.


I’m afraid nobody on here can help you - you need to deal with Customer Services.

You’ve put in a support ticket, you’ll need to wait until they reply.


can you help me my account


No - I’m sorry - only CS can help you.


As for me CSupport is always helpful. 5-6 times they sorted my problems very good.

Usually it takes up to 24 hrs


To @arshad1987 and anyone else who is looking for the best way to contact Customer Support, you can find a detailed thread on it by searching CONTACTFIVERR in the forum or just going to the direct link here. Only Customer Support can help with detailed technical questions. If you’ve been blocked from contacting CS this is typically due to abuse of the ticketing system. In that case you can try to reach them on the Customer Support Twitter feed and ask them to check your support account. There is nothing else forum users can do to help. Good luck!