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Fiverr customer care cheat me

I got refund by cancelling my order in my Fiverr account. Then I create a request to send the money to my paypal. Then you know what the customer care executive do. She reply that paypal transfer is not possible. And also reply that she had transferred the funds to my card back. She even did not took permission from me whether to send it in bank or not. She just use her own silly mind and issue refund in my card. The main problem is that my card is blocked Already. When i complaint her she said that it was my mistake that i did not inform the blockage of card.
Now you tell me whether it was my mistake? Definately not. I never ever told her to send my money back to my card. She by her own will send it to my bank and bank had clearly said that it was not possible to get fund through block card back in account.
So if Fiverr high executives are here then please help me, i have the ticket id of the chat. Ticket id 2726478

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Fiverr will only send refunds back to their original funding source, which it seems was your card, not PayPal.

They can’t send funds anywhere except the original funding source as it could be fraud, money laundering etc.

It works the same way everywhere for a refund now, even my local supermarket - they will only refund back to the source of the funding, nowhere else.


In addition to what @offlinehelpers said, Fiverr staff rarely visits the forum, and when they do, it’s mostly for announcements. We’re just sellers and buyers here. You’ll have to solve it with Customer Support.