Fiverr customer care needs to grow up


It was about an unfair negative feedback posted by a buyer. When I consulted the fiverr customer care, they did not answer me for 25 hours. When I finally got a reply from them, it was stated that I need consent from buyer so that the unfair negative feedback can be removed.

*If anyone wants, I can provide conversation which will prove that the feedback was -unfair-.

I sent the message to take buyer’s consent, but he did not bother to even reply.

But, after 3 days, the support ticket that I had opened for this problem was closed by sending an email asking for my rating regarding the service I received from fiverr customer care team.

So, I have no help from the buyer as well as from the support team.

This is my question to all: Does the support team need to grow intellectually as well as in number of support team members?


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Good luck with it! :slight_smile:


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Good luck with it! :slight_smile:


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Good luck with it! :slight_smile:


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Good luck with it! :slight_smile:


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Good luck with it! :slight_smile:


With regards the timescale of your response from them, they took about a day and a half I think to respond to my support ticket the other day. They used to respond virtually instantly the other occasions I messaged them, so I guess they must be busy or something.


Thats the way that CS has always been here. That has been my major gripe about this place from the beginning. I am willing to look past a lot of the problems that this site has, but the feedback system REALLY sucks. I mean, you get penalized for the stupidest things and the only solution is to work it out with the customer? Really?! That is just idiotic. For example I have one gig right now that had 100% rating. Everybody was happy with it, then all of the sudden last night I get a negative review. Not that I did anything wrong. The guy just says “Not the worth the money, I already knew all this stuff”. Really! So tha’ts a reason to give me a negative? So it drops my rating on the gig and on my user status, and it makes other people wonder how good is the info I have. I tried to communicate with the buyer but NO response. Its stupid really! SO my only solution is to force a cancellation to get my rating back. That is garbage in my opinion, and the buyer didnt even ask for a refund or anything. In fact I cant even get a reply to my email.


Have you tried the “mutual cancellation” approach? Just say in your message that you’re really sorry they weren’t happy with your work and you’d like to offer them a refund as a gesture of goodwill.

Most of the time they would accept that and then your bad feedback would be gone, but you get the odd person who is still bitter even with a result in their favour is offered.


And the completely insane nature of this rating system. For example, my gig had 100% this morning, then I get 1 negative. It knocks me down to 97%. This afternoon I get another Positive feedback. Does that balance it out again? NO! I am still at 97%. Why do negatives hurt you much more than positives ever help you? It takes 5 or 6 positives to undo 1 negative. This is ridiculous.


Reply to @greyhound12: Sometimes buyers just complete the order and give you negative feedback anyways. Once they complete the order, there is no way to cancel the gig. Also, many buyers who give negative feedback without contacting you don’t give a rat’s ass about you or how their negative feedback will hurt you in terms of future sales, in my opinion.


@Beatcraigslist - I think it does work out mathematically. If someone had a bowl of 36 apples, adding one lemon equals 37 fruits. Rounding off, 97% of the fruit would be apples (and 2.7% lemon). If you add another apple, rounding off, apples would still constitute about 97% of the bowl of fruit (lemon 2.63%).

sincerelymegan said:Once they complete the order, there is no way to cancel the gig.

False. You can contact Customer Support and say "Buyer is unresponsive/uncooperative/being difficult. Please cancel order number #######. Thank you for your help!"

Done it twice. I rather save myself the headache. Yes, sometimes they take a while to get back to you but they have lives too.


My reply is specially for greyhound12 and mrspanda’s opinion.

In my very first message to the support team, I had stated that I don’t have any problem if you have to refund the buyer/cancel the order to remove the feedback. To this, they replied that we can cancel the order for sure, but that does not remove the feedback. Ultimately you need buyer’s consent for removal of feedback. perhaps, fiverr has very poor accounting skills. They don’t know what does order reversal process actually mean. It is crystal clear that in fiverr, only buyers have a right to dominate, sellers are just some lemons who are to be squeezed and thrown away.


From the calculation of ratings posted here, it is quite clear that no matter how many orders I complete with positive feedback, that single negative feedback will always show its effect like a curse and so, my gig rating can never be 100% again.

I have suggested to fiverr team that they should remove this ratings stuff and instead implement something more meaningful like seller experience. Instead of rating: 90% or 70%…, it should be experience: 10 orders, 100 orders…The facility of negative feedback must be removed and facility of positive feedback must be kept. And I have got a point, how?

The buyer has the right to reject the delivered work, the seller has the facility to re-deliver. Even after that if things are not settled, then there is a facility of mutual cancellation. In short, the buyer is sure to get what he demands, then what could possibly inspire him to post a negative feedback? Even after a negative feedback, the seller will get money. Isn’t it like a joke? Can it not be made straight forward and simple?


I said to support team that the buyer is not responding about my offer of refund and stuff, but based on the conversation on order page, you can judge that its not my fault and so you can do the needful very easily. But the support team keeps on blowing its own bugle of rules instead of helping in real sense. Really, support team has got some rigid people to tackle the problems.


Beware of the buyer called: fragglesrock

He is a crackpot who will bring your gig rating down. If any seller is dealing with this person, then do take care.


I don’t get how people have so many problems with customer support. In my year here, they have been nothing short of helpful if I get unfair negative reviews. They will be more than happy to remove anything left incorrectly, so yeah 0_o


I have also had no problem with Customer Support. They have always been really helpful for me and responded in a timely manner.


Reply to @integritymedia: You may be right, I don’t know. But I decided to ask Support to cancel it since its not worth the grief for $4. It only gives scammers the wrong idea then they start using the Negative as a reason for refunds and stuff like that. This place is full of scammers.