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Writing this just to tell that I really do not like how fiverr behaves in recent period, especially in relationship with long term sellers. I am not sure about others but here is my short story:

8 years on fiverr, TRS for like 5 years than few months ago I lost TRS because of fiverr not good system, some guy ordered couple of gigs by mistake and I could only cancel it. My cancellation rate went below 90% so I was automatically demoted to level 2.

In next 2 months I went to almost all stats 100%! No TRS back… 8000 orders delivered and my rating is 5.0 (no 4.9 but 5.0). In my niche - noone has better feedbacks.

Then few days ago, some guy who is new account ordered a gig. My friend who work with me that job could not login because of some internet issues. To avoid ‘late mark’ she officially delivered order on time but without real delivery and asked buyer to be patient and that order will be delivered very soon PLUS with 500 more words written for free (guy ordered around 500 basic)… Still, that new guy reported me to fiverr. He has right to do that but that’s not nice.

Then I got email from fiverr that it is my first warning and if I get next warning I will be demoted. Did they actually check what happened ? Any real person looked at it.

I am just disappointed that I am treated like that. Almost 10.000 orders, thousands of $$$$ given to fiverr, 5 star reviews only and you demote me from TRS to Level 2 and warn with more demotion…Do they now how many happy customers I maybe gave them by giving 5 star value?

Well, fiverr is like 5% of my online earnings, not a big deal but I like it and would not stop. But with that treatment I can say that I now just don’t care what will happen. I may be one in a million users but with such customer care it will not go good. During past years I suggested many people to try to do business on fiverr, now I think I will not do that.


As a new user to fiverr, this is yet another chip in the negative pile in the weighing up the pro’s and cons of extending my work on here.
Sorry to hear of your situation and luckily for you it’s just 5% of your earnings online. Thankfully I’m already established outside of fiverr also, so we’re ok, but others who rely on this more heavily will surely be in deep water.

Something needs to change quick for fiverr before it all come collapsing down around them. All it takes is another competitor offering the same service who treats their customers more fairly and it’s all over for them.


Happened to me last week I demoted to Level 01 because a buyer reported me I delivered an empty order which I didn’t I actually delivered his work few design samples. it was 17 dimensions ad pack he was okay when I requested to wait for all dimensions then I delivered within hours. yet he reported and demoted to level 01 honestly I am pretty frustrated to work on fiverr because I don’t know when will my account banned for unfair reason like this.

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is your account still active? Delivering empty orders … is a capital mistake

yes, it is still active, but I somehow have m2webs1 here on forum and m2webs is account, dont know how I did it when I registered long ago…

It is capital mistake, but if they demote me from 2 to 1 because of that mistake it is my choice to leave…

did you attached anything to the order or just … delivered some irrelevant files?

When I deliver there is no files, there is only text and link to what is done, files are not needed. I do not work alone, but I delivered nothing actually, just asked for less than a day patience and told that I will give twice as much as regular order…

As I told, I know it is my mistake. I just tell that I think that there must be some system of demotion/banning… IT is not the same to ban someone who just opened account and to ban someone who is there for 10 years with 5 star ratings…

Their system is automatic and is not good in some cases. What happens if someone orders 5 gigs from you and then tells you it is mistake and he wants money back ? I did just that, sent him money back. Then because of that I lost TRS, because that 5 orders reduced my cancellation rate to 89%… What should I do ? Tell him to contact fiverr as I do not want to send him money? I didn’t know that it will affect that way. I am still ok if system demoted me to level 2 but is there some REAL person there to check and realize that it is their fault, that I did correctly ?


Even if a human had reviewed this, they would have demoted you. You cannot use the delivery system to request an extension - ever - and there is a system in place to request an extension.

Jasonwoodman, if you don’t read the rules and follow them, you wouldn’t want to work here. You can’t succeed that way anymore and that is good for the buyers and sellers who do follow the rules. There are some smaller issues with the level system, but openly breaking a major rule is asking for a demotion.


For the most part the rules are fine, like any other rules in life you follow. How those rules are enforced when broken is what bothers me.

As I said before in a different thread, we’re humans and humans make mistakes. Blind enforcement without listening to the reasons behind them soon becomes dangerous. Imagine that was the case in the real world. No courts, just straight to prison. The guy’s been here 8 yrs with 5 being spent as a TRS. Surely that alone proves he sticks to the rules. Unfortunately due to certain explained circumstances he couldn’t abide by them on those 2 occasions. With from what I could see, good reasons.

I’ve worked for myself for over 2.5 decades. If I’d of stuck to the rules like glue I probably wouldn’t of lasted 2.5 months.

But he could abide by them. Obviously, he or his assistant were able to send a message or deliver “empty work” to the client, so they had internet access to use the Resolution Center and do things the right way by asking for an extension due to technical issues. I had to this very thing last weekend due to a snowstorm that took out power for over a day. Instead of delivering an empty order asking for more time or promising more if they just accepted the blank order, I used the correct protocol and used the Resolution Center to ask for another day to complete their order.

As someone else stated, even if a human were to go over this situation, they would have sent a warning to your account. You do not deliver empty orders period. Since you have been here 8 years, you know this. Also, by using the Resolution Center, you wouldn’t have had to promise more work than the client ordered either!


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While I agree he or his assistant could of handled it better, so could fiverr. 8 yrs isn’t a fleeting moment, that’s 8 yrs of mutual trust and benefit. It could of been handled with more leniency. A reminder on how to deal with it in future would have been fine.

As an adult who has been on this site for 8 years, I would imagine by now he knows how it works, what can get him in hot water or demoted. We are not babies here - so, a “reminder” on how to conduct yourself here is not required. Just follow the protocol and you should be fine. He or his assistant obviously had access to their account and the internet to try to go around the correct way of doing things - when I had this happen last weekend, my first thought was not to try to sneak one in and just deliver the order incomplete or not done - it was to use the Resolution Center to explain why I was going to be late and ask for extra time. This seller knows the ropes and was trying to avoid a late order by avoiding the proper channels. So, when you do not do things in the right order, there are times you will get caught and punished for it. Who knows if this person has done this in the past many times, and never had a client complain? Obviously, the client he had complained that they received a blank order and was not happy. At least if they had used the proper channels, the client would not feel they were being taken advantage of or someone trying to pull a fast one. Also, this client they had was new, so, not a return buyer who had a positive experience and could trust this guy and his team to deliver later - so, being new, they may have had the immediate thought they were never going to see their order due to the blank delivery. This seller even understands the client had a right to complain to Fiverr admin.

Just follow the proper way of doing things (maybe this seller needs to notify the subcontractor they had how Fiverr works so they won’t mess up his account and get him permanently banned) and this stuff doesn’t happen.

Now, there are other things that occur here that are out of a sellers control that can get them demoted which are frustrating, but, this situation was completely avoidable, and should have been.



Adults make far more mistakes than babies

You throw that 8 yrs around as if it’s nothing. fiverr is 13yrs old and only as successful as it is today because of people like the OP’s continued use of the platform. The fact he’s been demoted is potentially going to result in him losing clients and earnings. To me, that’s too harsh and disrespectful to someone who’s worked here for that long.
There’s another thread here talking about insurance/protection for old sellers. so clearly it’s a problem felt throughout the community that fiverrs rules are to hard on older sellers here.
He probably hasn’t read those rules in years. it happens. When was the last time you read the highway code? Probably never again after you passed your test and yet you push around 2 tons of metal at killing speeds on a daily basis. Probably a little more important than delivering a document the right way, don’t you think? Yet you continue to drive. It’s life, stuff gets forgotten sometimes.

We all make mistakes, but those who have proven loyalty and have stuck to the rules for that long should be given a “reminder” before more stern action. Maybe he’s been warned before, who knows, but not from the information given, so I’m not about to fill in the blanks with what I think to be true. Maintaining a 5 star rating over that period of time says he’s pretty reliable to me.

Anyway. I made my point, you made yours , it was fun.

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If you break the rules, you suffer the consequences. I don’t care if you have 1 order, 100 orders or 10000000 orders in your history. In fact, as a veteran, you should have known better. Rules are rules, and we must all follow them.

If you don’t like it here, don’t work here. But if you decide to use this platform, you also must follow the rules imposed. We all pay when we make mistakes, therefore IMHO you should stop complaining and amend your behavior if you don’t want further punishments.


This is how accounts get banned. Don’t do this. It’s not a problem with fiverr. They just do not want any seller to ever do this.

I’m amazed at these posts that are complaining about people getting banned for empty deliveries. Just don’t do it and you won’t get banned for it.

If I were a buyer and got an empty delivery you can be sure I would complain to customer support. I would be furious. There is no reason for it. This is basic fiverr 101. Never do an empty delivery.

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I see that you are on fiverrs side because of empty delivery…

You all didn’t tell a word about my first problem I mentioned that I lost TRS because of not my problem… So let’s explain it again:

  1. Buyer ordered 5 gigs by mistake
  2. Asked for money back and appologized
  3. I just cancelled it to send him money back
  4. Fiverr system detected that as 89% completion rate and demoted me

So yes, you will now all tell things like “you should check rules, you work here long time and should check how to work out that…” It is always easy to blame others until it is you in a situation which is unfair…

But ok, I deserved to get banned according to your opinions so I suppose fiverr is better place without me. Well, what I can say to all of you is just try to maintain 5.0 rating over 8 years… And dont come me with such mediocre stats like 4.9, 4,9 means that you are pretty bad as a professional, its just that most of the people will not bother and give you bad reviews… So, just come to me with 5.0 rating maintained for years…

@ misscrystal
If a seller comes to you with empty delivery and real problem, and you see that seller has 5.0 rating over 8 years which means he could not get it by empty delivery often and excuses like that but with quality work and asks you for just a bit of patience and even offer twice the value than what you asked for and still you just click on customer support I can say that you have all rights to do that… still, that also means that you are just one bad person… nothing wrong with that, you are right technically, it is your choice to not be nice, noone forces you to be nice with others :slight_smile:

I got banned because they said I tried to trick the system at my last warning. The first one was an empty delivery, I didn’t know that’s a problem, then the second one they didn’t offer any reason and the third one I was banned because they said I am tricking the system. I never marked an order as complete and not deliver within the hour or faster, I always over delivered to customers, so in the end I am devastated to hear something like this. I understand it happens, but when you work 5 years on the site full time for 14-16 hours per day, you expect respect from them and not a boot in your back area…

I will take my writing services that made them more than $15000 in fees somewhere else if they don’t want good writers.

Yea i agree once i delivered broken file by mistake.

Windows 7 to 10 update in 2016 deleted all files from desktop when i was trying to restore them all zip files were corrupted. In 2018 by mistake i delivered one of that corrupted zip files to customer… :S i get account warring and i lose TRS… I didn’t complain to support because i think evidence i have are not enough to prove that delivery was just mistake…

However i didn’t give up in 2018 i improve my services, response time and delivery time

Whenever you marked an order as complete without delivering, you made a ToS violation, even if you delivered 5 minutes later.