Fiverr Customer Service Didn't Respond


Hi, I’m pretty new to Fiverr, joined just early this month because I wanted to get a logo done. I found it hard to locate how to contact Fiverr customer service directly, but finally did and sent them a message but they didn’t respond to it with a solution or final response, even though I apparently got an automated message that they would look into it. (In spite of this, Fiverr did send me a survey to rate customer service, which of course I rated it low.)

The issue was that I had ordered something for $5 (paid $6), and then the seller later said that due to my description of job, I needed to upgrade to $20. (Since it’s called Fiverr, I just assumed it would be $5 for most jobs, though what the seller said made sense.) In any case, I contacted Fiverr to get refund for $6. It may not be much money, but it’s the principle and it annoyed me that Fiverr didn’t even resolve the issue, yet sent email to rate them.

Also, I want to contact seller again. Where would I find him, i.e., on what page?


If you wanted your money back, you could have simply cancelled the order. To contact the seller again click this icons on your profile

And just because it’s called fiverr doesn’t mean everything is 5$. When a car is on sale for 1000$ but you need it with new rims, doors, windows and a pinch of salt, the price will actually go up.


I thought I did cancel the order. The seller wrote to me (she was unclear, but apparently she didn’t want the job and commented “mutual understanding”, which I don’t understand what she meant), so I then wrote “Okay, cancel it.” So I thought the job was then cancelled. Question: Is there something I need to CLICK ON in order to cancel a job?


Yes you need to agree on the cancellation. The seller wrote mutual, meaning it was a mutual cancellation, that you had come to an understanding that the best thing was to cancel. Now when she cancels there should be a message asking whether to agree or disagree, once you agree fiverr refund the money in the form of fiverr credit, so that you can use it on a future order.


Well, I wrote back to seller saying I agreed to cancel the order. She didn’t respond back, apparently. Was there something I was supposed to further do, or was she supposed to do something to confirm the cancellation?


The cancellation process isn’t verbal, it’s sort of technical. Here is what you can do on your end. Click on the cart to view the order, then click on the resolve now button you should see some other buttons that will give you a chance to cancel.


It looks like the page now says Order Cancelled. I think this may because I wrote to Fiverr again earlier today and perhaps when I selected the Order Cancellation choice in the drop-down menu, it automatically cancelled it. So I think I should expect a refund.

In any case, I can’t find any resolve now button. But thanks.


To me the fiverr team has been very responsive , maybe for others its a different story


Just be patient, sometimes the CS has a lot of tickets to respond to. They’ll most certainly answer every single one of them. At least they did for me :slight_smile:


Please note that the refund will be in fiverr credit, not in your bank account.


If the order is cancelled, there’s no “resolve now” button, because there’s nothing to resolve.

Your funds should be in your Fiverr account now, as a credit to use in your next purchase.


Thanks for your responses. Being credited to Fiverr account is new knowledge to me. Didn’t know until now. I should have $6 credit then. So Fiverr won’t give you refund to bank account?


$6 minus the processing fee, so $5. However, you won’t pay the processing fee when you buy the next time (if you buy a $5 gig).

As stated in the Terms of Service (you have agreed to the ToS when you created your account), the refund is given as Fiverr credit. You may ask Customer Support to send it back to your payment provider, but they will only do it a limited number of times (usually once, the second time is when you close your account).

Reading the Terms of Service will help you understand how Fiverr works. It’s not the usual small print, it’s divided into sections and easy to understand.


Okay. How do I check my Fiverr account to see I’ve been credited?