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Fiverr' customer service don't reply to me,why?


Hello to everybody
I am waiting 15 hrs but i don’t receive any reply of them(customer service),unfortunately a buyer try give me a bad rate,he is a spam because i told all thing about order and i told price for order is not appropriate,he try decline it and give me a bad rate,please support of me, i will not get a bad rate when i don’t any mistake


Be patient - they often take between 18 and 24 hours, and it is the weekend.

Hope you get it sorted!


thank you Dear offlinehelpers
I am worry about this buyer because he will a big work for a low price,unfortunately fiverr support of buyers always and it is not fair because if we don’t work then fiverr how can make money


I try do best work for my buyer but a some one are not buyer and are spam and only want pollute your profile


No, CS do not always take the buyer’s side in my experience.

If you’ve done everything you can, and I’m sure you have, then you’ll get the result you deserve.

You’ve got fantastic feedback, and I’m sure it’ll stay that way!


Can I just add, your work is fantastic! I can’t draw a straight line without a ruler!


Thank you for your positive energy.anyone can do it and you can do it too


excuse me my English is not good


Your English is great!

Back in the day, I used to teach technical drawing/graphic design, but I was very much a teacher rather than a doer - I am always so impressed when I see people with talent like yours!

I hope you get it all sorted with CS - enjoy the rest of the weekend and good luck with ‘le rugby’ later today!


Thank you so much,you give me hope,thank you,i wish best for you in weekend too


First of all its weekend and Cs does take some time ( atleast one day) but they reply always. so be patient.
Secondly, your work is really really awesome. I wish you could also draw SVG images, as I am searching for one for long term business.


Thank you yes sure.i do svg and vector too


Wow really, I didnt see that in your gig.


yes i do two type work:pixel and vector,for vector i use of adobe illustrator and for pixel i use of photoshop


Sounds like a match!


AWESOME. I think my search is overrr.


I love a happy ending - now if Scotland can beat Ireland, i’ll be happy, and if France can beat England I’m sure @francecartoon will be happy too!


Am I the only one who dont even know what you are talking about? By the way I dont watch sports and that could be the reason. I wish a wish that your wish come true :joy:


Thank you in really i am love all people in all over the world


It’s the Six Nations Rugby!