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Fiverr' customer service don't reply to me,why?


And I’ve never been a fan of rugby. Let’s talk football (I mean real soccer :stuck_out_tongue:) instead.

@francecartoon just a little patience, aiit?


yes thank you i am waiting


Hello everyone
i am very happy because CS fiverr support of me,thank you


Fiverr customer support is pretty good about getting back to you. Sometimes they are busy is all :slight_smile:


Francecartoon - do you still read these forums? You are no longer on fiverr and I need more artwork from you - you are a genius and awesome artist!!


In case they don’t read the forum, have you tried looking for their username in your contact list (More>Contacts) and click their profile from there? Or you can simply type Fiverr. com/francecartoon in your URL bar to check if the account is still on Fiverr.