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Fiverr Customer Service Has Gone Missing. Coronavirus maybe?

This place seems like the wild west lately… Kids are still buying and selling, but has anyone seen the adults who were supposed to be in the room? CS appears to be on break.

Did the customer service reps go into social isolation?

I’ve been looking for these guys for like a week now… and compared to other online services, this is a bit hard to reconcile. Unless, they’re quarantined.

I have gotten in touch with them and they helped me with something. I have no explanation for what you are describing.

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Somehow that response is a relief, super helpful, and a bit disappointing all at the same time. You miss, are a treasure.


Did you submit a ticket? Can you see if your ticket is still open and when was the last time it was updated?

P.s you can find it in your help center dashboard


So, yeah. I submitted a ticket. Twice actually.

Weird thing though; it didn’t pop up under My Activity. So, I opted to email them directly… because I couldn’t make heads or tails of why the ticket system didn’t appear to be working.

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I really thought Coronavirus got to CS… lmao