Fiverr customer service is some of the worst I've seen


Here’s my conversation with Fiverr customer service. If you have 5 minutes, read through this and tell me what you think. I’ve already spent more time than it’s worth trying to get such little money back, but things like this really tick me off. Definitely not the way to treat your sellers, and gets me thinking if there will ever be an online marketplace that knows how NOT to completely take advantage of sellers. I’ve been on eBay, PayPal, Fiverr, etc and all of them handle things the same way.

alexgreene Tuesday at 19:57

I just received an email from you telling me that the buyer who purchased my gig was refunded because I failed to deliver on time. The gig purchased was delivered almost immediately (within 5 minutes, literally), more than a week ago. As the gig states, I have featured the buyers YouTube account on my own. I see now that the buyer left a poor review that he did not receive any results, which I am guessing is his complaint that he didn't get any views on his channel. That was not anything promised in my gig. My gig offers a certain amount of featured time, not a guaranteed number of views.
This is a waste of time that I have to deal with this. Besides giving me back my money, could you provide the criteria by which you decide to **** over sellers so that I don't make this mistake again in the future.
I apologize if the person reading this was not the one who stole my money, but I'm pretty upset that I'm having to spend 10 minutes now to complain, you probably will ignore me, as Fiverr support has done many times before in the past, all on top of having offered my services apparently for free with no payment.
Eddie Yesterday at 12:43 (the problem has now been marked as SOLVED)
Sorry to hear of your experience for the cancelled order. It appears that the order was cancelled as you have not responded to the buyer's concerns of not receiving any results. I strongly recommend that you revise your Gig's description on what a buyer can/cannot expect for this service. I would like to add that this order was cancelled 8 days after from when the buyer initially sent a message to you for this service.
alexgreene Yesterday at 17:40
Definitely not resolved, Eddie.
Please correct me if I'm wrong, but are you saying that if a buyer makes a complaint- any complaint, even if it is not warranted, and the seller does not reply, the buyer can get their money back?
My gig description is very clear that I will feature a buyer's channel on my own so that all of my viewers can see it. I make no claims of how many people this is, nor should I have to.
At work the other day I saw a Fiverr commercial playing on one of the tvs in the lunchroom. Are you saying that Fiverr purchased this commercial with a guarantee that X number of people would view it? No, when you purchase a tv commercial, you know how many people watch that program, and you pay a certain amount of money to get a spot. If nobody ends up watching, or if the entire world ends up watching it, you still paid the same amount,
and "I'd also like to add" that the buyer's message to me was 'hi no results until now'. To me that is not a valid complaint worthy of taking my money from me. if the buyer had said "hello, I've not gotten any views on my channel" I would have replied with more info.
'hi no results until now' means to me that they hadn't seen any results the previous 4 days, but now they are.
Before you take my money, you need to notify me that there's a problem! How am I supposed to deal with a problem that I don't know exists?
Even after receiving terrible support from you guys on previous (and similarly ridiculous) issues, I cannot believe that this could happen.
I've been a seller on here for more than 5 years, and I get treated like a ****ing thief in the night.
Props to you Eddie for responding in 2 days, though. Previously I've waited months for replies from support. I actually got ****ed over in September 2014 and my ticket for that is still open and never received any attention.
Eddie Today at 09:19
Sorry to hear of your experience for this order. As mentioned before, I recommend that you revise your Gig to state the services that they will/will not receive. We take into consideration what is mentioned in the description and the buyer's requirements before a order is cancelled and the description should be well defined. If you do no promise views/subscribes it should be placed there to avoid any confusion from your buyers.
alexgreene Today at 14:37
That is the worst customer service response I've ever received. Even PayPal has better customer service than that, and I've been royally screwed by them too.
Your response is that I need to claim what I am not offering in my gig, otherwise my buyers can cancel because I did not deliver something that was not explicitly stated as 'not being offered'?


So CS takes the buyers’ side. In this case they’re wrong, but I’d also like to point out one thing that you’re not doing right.

If I understand correctly, the buyer sent you a message complaining, which you chose to ignore. 8 days later he contact CS and then got a refund.

Then you complained to CS (in a rather rude tone) and of course not getting the result you want.

So yes, this is where you’re wrong. You should have responded, all you need is to say what you have told CS, that your gig doesn’t cover that. And then you should have left all your emotions out when contacting CS.

On the other hand, the last time I contacted CS and asked about what seem to be a bug on my profile, I attached the screenshot, CS told me to wait, and then asked if I could attach a screenshot of what I was seeing??? We have been complaining about buyers don’t read, now CS don’t read too!

My opinion on this is, we’re in fact, Fiverr’s “buyers/costumers/…” as we’re using a service provided by Fiverr. And we DO pay. So if CS expect us to devote our life to our buyers, they should start doing the same for us.


Hi Alex,
Staying very professional at all times often gets the best results.


uh oh…I think you took your yelling at Fiverr too far…I can’t believe you told them **** over. Your responses to Customer support did not show a good level of professionalism.

But now it seems like you have no gigs. All Fiverr was telling you was to make sure that your gig stated more clearly that you are not promising any specific number of hits/views/visitors. i went to go look to see what your gig actually said because I was curious and it says this seller is unavailable at this time and to check out some other peopels gigs.


Let this be a lesson to others who think that being nasty to CS is ok. [-X


Hey, that’s really not cool. Whenever you send a ticket to CS, there’s always a chance someone who’s never dealt with you before will receive it, so essentially Eddie just got a load of abuse from you for no reason.

Twice he calmly tried to explain the situation. CS are not nannies. They’re there to solve disputes that can’t be solved between sellers and buyers.

In this instance, you could have easily stopped this by replying to the buyer. Yes, they said “no views up until now” but in my experience, that means to me that they still haven’t got any views…that’s both a language barrier, and also because whenever a buyer contacts you regarding the order, it’s either to praise you, hate on you, or ask a question.

As a level 2 seller you should have been more attentive to the buyer, no matter what they message you. Yes it sucks, but you are your own boss, and you have to remain professional at all times.

I’m as cussive as the next person, but using it in a way to try to “demand your money back” and to get what you want from people who are only there to help you is really, really uncool.

As a level 2 seller, shame on you.


I agree the OP wasn’t being very professional, but why do everybody think we MUST behave like they’re our boss and we are begging them to let us keep our job?

No they are not, as I said, we are in fact their PAID customers and it should be the other way around, that they need to serve us. Hence, it’s Customer Service.

There’s another topic where the buyer contacted with the seller on his personal FB, and when the Seller complained to CS, he was the one that got punished, not the buyer.

It’s because of this kind of thinking that CS is treating us like this.


It’s simply fiverr trying to keep this site dignified. The real point here is that when someone doesn’t know how to communicate in a professional mature way they can get banned.


Reply to @miacmht: The customer’s complaint was in their feedback/rating, which I get no notification of. Their actual message (on the order page) to me was not clear. Should I have maybe asked them what they were meaning? Yes, but if that is my wrong, then the answer still is for the buyer or Fiverr to get in touch with me and notify me of a conflict before revoking my payment.


Reply to @alexgreene: What do you mean their actual message on the order page was not clear…what was the message?

An no, Fiverr does not tend to seem to work that way, especially if buyer does a chargeback to their credit card.

Does your gig state clearly that hits/views are not gauranteed?


Reply to @lunabea: Twice he calmly explained the situation that was not, and the fact that this even happened showed that they were not trying to solve a dispute. No dispute was every brought to me, yet they took my money away.

If getting what I want is having to spend my time fighting for money I rightly earned, yeah I’m going to be pissed.


Reply to @alexgreene: Well in this case, you should have approached this matter another way. Take screenshot, tell CS that the complaint is wrong and is posted in the wrong place.

As annoying as it is, we have to treat CS like they’re Judge and we’re Defendants.


Reply to @alexgreene: The buyer and Fiverr have every right to allow a refund if they are not happy with the order, because the buyer clearly tried to reach out to you and you chose to ignore it.

Yes it sucks that you lost money, but you can still complain/dispute it in a dignified way. Addressing the problem as you did will not win you any battles.


Reply to @miacmht: “They need to serve us”

Yes, to a certain degree. But, like any other “customer” once you start throwing your toys out of the pram, all respect and service goes out of the window.

CS couldn’t deal with this complaint like the OP wanted because the buyer had already disputed it. On their side, what it looks like is the buyer tried every reasonable way to contact the seller (i.e. messaging him/leaving feedback) and the seller chose to ignore it…for 8 whole days.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve forgot to message people back, but not for a whole week. And never with existing buyers. It’s just poor performance, and if you want to get anywhere as a freelancer, that’s something that anyone has to keep in check.

You don’t know the personal circumstances where the buyer didn’t get punished, but the seller did. CS aren’t on a witch hunt to get all sellers, as long as you do right by your buyer and tos, and keep communicating with them, there’s not a lot they can do.


Reply to @lunabea: As he said, it was in the feedback and order page so he didn’t pay attention.

Anyway, I DO agree that CS had the right reason not to support the OP in this situation.

" But, like any other “customer” once you start throwing your toys out of the pram, all respect and service goes out of the window."

So Fiverr needs to give us this right too, allow us to decline an order, taking our side when buyers act nasty…They always expect us to smile and sweetly talk to our customers, even if they ask for the Moon for $5. Meanwhile Fiverr CS would just turn their back on THEIR customers if we don’t do it their way. That’s what I was talking about. Even Ebay has an option to block someone from buying from you.

"You don’t know the personal circumstances where the buyer didn’t get punished, but the seller did. "

I know as much as he wrote in the post, just like you know as much as the OP writes here on this thread, and you told him “shame on you.” So I can say “shame on CS” too in that other case.


Reply to @miacmht: I think they were just tring to say that the seller could have been a bit more professional in their message to Fiverr. Saying sware words is not very professional. There is a way to say things if you diagree, but when you start yelling and screaming and saying bad words, that never helps.


The customer service is off the charts bad. I need to simply change my Paypal and I just keep getting links sent to me which defeats the purpose or reaching out to somebody in the first place.


In all the years I have been with Fiverr they have never actually provided customer support, just cut and paste generic replies.


I don’t know why they pride themselves on being called ‘customer support’ when they are not even doing the basic tenets of the job. I had a lot of previous issues with these Fiverr paid people who assume the name of ‘support’. For example, I delivered a Gig on time and I used the Quick response for Delivery:
“Thanks again for your order! Your delivery is enclosed.” and was under the impression that Fiverr system automatically calculates it as order delivery. However, it turns out that it doesn’t and I need to select Deliver Now. I contacted Customer Support if anything can be done on this and basically, the response I got was it’s your problem not ours, you noob. Fiverr support service is horrendous and they are so horrible especially for new Fiverr users who are just learning to use the platform.

Another very helpful support I got was regarding the response time which clearly mentions it is based on last 30 days( My counter never adjusted/recounted post the 30 days mark and tried to reach out to Fiverr customer support. In summary, the response I got was we can’t do anything, wait for 30 more days, you noob.

Turns out ‘customer support’ doesn’t exist here in Fiverr rather they are just a bunch of people paid by Fiverr so they should just be called ‘Fiverr paid people’ who offer no value whatsoever.

How Long is Normal to Wait for Customer Support?

Ugh! An ancient thread. :weary: