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This is not a rant, this is just to say how awesome Fiverr customer support are! They cancelled all 6 of the scammer’s orders and banned all of his accounts. Remember I had told you guys about a scammer who made many orders with me using different accounts? Well, his game is now over :slight_smile:

Every exchange I’ve had with customer support has been terrific. Those folks know what they’re doing.

I am glad to hear that :slight_smile:

Great news!! Thanks for updating.

It works both ways I have just seen 3 identical gigs all appeared at the same time, 3 different users in allegedly 3 different countries.
These users with multiple profiles should not be allowed

Nice! I’ve only created two tickets with them thus far but both were resolved promptly and fairly :slight_smile:

fantastic, big cheers to customer support - so glad they sorted that scammer out for you!

They helped me out with a scary customer last week too - who threatened to put a refund through on an order from six weeks earlier, after I didn’t want to do a new job for him because he bombarded me with messages which made me feel uncomfortable - like threatening/blackmailing me will make me want to work for him instead of report him lol!

Bob and Hugo were legends about it, was nice for them to have my back :slight_smile:

That’s great!

Hopefully you got rid of that scammer for good.