Fiverr Customer Support Admits Wrongdoing: Does Nothing


My first bout of frustration with Fiverr has set in.

After 6 weeks of busting my tail and delivery every single gig on time, I ran into a situation that caused a gig to show as late. Fiverr Customer Support admitted it shouldn’t have been considered late, but claims they can’t do anything about it.

The backstory:

I had an order from a customer who wanted an email sequence for a sales campaign.

After I delivered, he said he wanted email subjects lines as well, so I sent it over as a “gig extra” which he accepted.

But my order was immediately marked late.

I delivered the subject lines within 20 minutes, but now show as having a late order.

I reached out to Customer support to figure out what happened and after several attempts of getting to the cause, was told this:

"The extra that was added did add an extra day but not in the way that you expected that it should have.

For the order FOXXXX it had a 5 day deliver date and that was on the 28th of February. The extra only added one day and that made the new delivery date March 1st.

As the extra was added on March 2nd, this automatically prompted the system to mark the order as late. 3 days should have been added to the order to prevent the order from being marked as late. We are not able to take any actions at this time to recalculate the delivered on time rating."

In short, I delivered the gig on February 28. The buyer did not mark it complete, but asked for a gig extra, which I sent over. But because the Due Date had now passed, once the Buyer accepted it, it marked my entire gig as late!

Lesson learned. DO NOT USE THE GIG EXTRAS FEATURE FOR AN ONGOING GIG. It’s great in theory, but can seriously burn you, like it did me.

If a Buyer wants something additional, steer them to purchase another gig, or send over a completely new gig offer.

Rant over.


Same thing happened to me. It’s frustrating as hell. I feel your pain.


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