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Fiverr Customer support are not responding

I’m so much disappointing about irresponsibility of fiverr customer team.
They are not responding me since 13 days (Please check attached).
My fiverr customer support ticket is #1386777
Is there anybody who will be help me out

You have also been harassing them for an answer. They don’t appreciate that kind of behavior. Be patient. If your request requires a reply, they will respond. In the meantime, focus on other things – don’t dwell on the things you cannot control.

You sent them 12 messages on one day all stating “Please response me”.

That is spam. One message only, then wait without sending more. They will ignore
that kind of harassment. They may have blocked you from sending them more.

Man, if someone sent you 12 messages presumably saying the same thing and being pushy, do you think you would like it? Or would you ignore them?

I see a response from a Gaby as well that day. I can’t read what it says since you just showed a screen shot of your own email (fairly useless) but the first few words are trying to tell you something! After that I just see you spamming them, possibly with multiple tickets involved.

If you want advice after behaving like that, mine would be to wait a month now before you try to contact them again so you don’t look so crazy. If the ticket is still open by then, write a calm new statement on the ticket explaining your issue and apologizing for the spam. If the ticket is closed, do the same thing but in one single new ticket. Then give them another week to respond.

Adding instead of editing - I looked again and it appears that you actually did receive first a canned response (perhaps on the 17th?) from Gaby since the ticket was assigned to that person. You wrote something again, and then Gaby apparently did contact you since the first bit has the date of the 17th and says "Hi again followed by some kind of instructions about further verification. After that you did seem to go wild with the repeated replies. I don’t even know why you are saying they didn’t respond.

It is most unprofessional–not to mention irresponsible–of Fiverr’s customer support representatives to not respond to at least one of the 1001 repeated replies in over a fortnight.

It’s a shambles!

Well, they responded twice. Once if you count the non-canned one. So, the ratio is still a TAD out of proportion.

This is no time for facts! Can’t you see how upset OP is?

All are looking so much angry angry. But just think about this, If support will not response during 13 days then what can you do ?

The answer is simple: Be patient, and move on to something else while you wait.

Still now they are not responding

Still now I’m waiting

But the more I send the more they are supposed to answer!

Give up.