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Fiverr customer support cancelled 3 months old order

I completed 2 orders with a buyer. It was a good experience working with him. Got 5 star and 4.7 star on the orders respectively. After 10 days he contacted Fiverr customer support and filled a complaint. Now both the orders are cancelled and refunded. One of them was 3 months old. Now he has all the files for free. How can a 3 moth old order be cancelled ? Not only payment but my completion rate dropped from 92% to 78%. Is this justified ? What do you guys think. The first order was for $100 and the second was for $150.

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OMG This is completely injustice for the sellers! They should have atleast give a proper reason! And before cancelling the order, they should have contact seller too!

I got a copy paste reply from Fiverr CS -

Hello again,

The order ########### has been canceled after reviewed by our support team and will not be reinstated as this cannot be done by our system.

We are reviewing the buyer’s behavior with our Trust & Safety team. Due to our Privacy Policy, we won’t be able to share any details about the buyer or actions taken.

My guess is, the buyer went to PayPal or their bank and reversed the charges. I have had that done to me as well - not often, but, had one in the last 6 months that was a $300 order reversed.

Have you gone to look up this buyer to see if they still have an account? If they do not, it is likely Fiverr banned their account for this reversal OR they banned them for some other sort of fraud.

I do feel for your situation, as I think most of us have been there - or will be in that unenviable position at some point in their Fiverr journey.

Maybe you can contact Fiverr and ask them if it was fraud on the buyers part, if they could at least reinstate your completion rate so you do not lose your level?


From what I read on forum charge back marks order as it was cancelled by seller not CS. If CS cancelled then it means client reported him to CS.

If you delivered as per gigi description, and you did not make any mistake in communication with him, send CS screenshots of delivery files and communication with this seller.

You do not have to give up.

And orders can be cancelled forever so it is important that you keep communication clean and deliver as per description.