Fiverr Customer Support cancelled my order without any reason


Hello everyone,

A few days ago, Fiverr Customer Support cancelled my order without any reason. I contacted Customer Support and asked them what the reason is. They said “your buyer is no longer available on our platform, so our system has automatically cancelled this order due to being incomplete”. Then the buyer contacted me and said that there was an issue with his account and he was willing to reorder my service. I contacted the CS again and told them about this. I also told them about how the order cancellation rate negatively affects my busines. They said that “cancellations are final and irreversible” and “cancellation rate will not have any significant impact on your account” which I don’t believe is true. I have again complained them about this issue and waiting for their response for the last 14 hours.

Is there anything that can be done to resolve this issue?


:smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile: Dude fiverr CS said it won’t affect your acount, and if you don’t believe, am not sure they can help your unbelief…

What I can tell you is move on, let your buyer re-order, you are half-done, finish the gig, deliver it quick, and move on…

Nothing we here can do when CS says NO…

Wait can we protest, oh no :bicyclist:


Thanks for the suggestion :smiley:

The reason of my disbelief is that when I try to search for certain keywords I have seen that my ranks are significantly lowered after the cancellation of my order.

A lot of people have complained about this cancellation issue over the years, and still no solution.


Fiverr CS specifically told you: “cancellation rate will not have any significant impact on your account”. So why are you complaining and claiming that Fiverr ruined your visibility in the search results, when they specifically told you that this would not happen?

Please listen to what you’ve been told, and don’t blame CS for things that don’t go the way you want them to. Fiverr did not “negatively affect your business”.


Usually their information is trustworthy. But I have received wrong information too that had a bad impact. Thankfully there’s not as much copy paste anymore from my experience, and they do seem to read the messages better these days.


Hi baserkandehir,

Sometimes Buyers will create profiles that CS takes down because of TOS issues. It sounds like this happened to one of your buyers while an order was in-process.

If there is no longer an issue with the buyer’s account, or the buyer has created a new account, then send her/him a Custom Offer.

Orders are canceled all the time. Buyers who are unfamiliar with the platform place multiple orders, or they apologize that they didn’t read the gig description, or they don’t complete the requirements because SQUIRREL. It happens. Don’t worry about canceled orders when it is out of your hands.

I hope that you are able to complete the original gig. Be well!



My buyer reordered the service and I am back in business. I just wanted to share my experience for the sellers that might encounter this issue in the future.

Thanks Fiverr Community and CS for your help.


this happend with me 1 year ago i contacted CS but No luck. You have to Survive with this. :expressionless: