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Fiverr Customer Support Cancelled My Order

I never understand that fiverr why do that. At first the fiverr team warning a message, then i try to understand them that it was not mistake, the order is complete. Then they understand. Now the fiverr team cancelled the order. Why they do that?

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It might be that the Buyer filed a complaint against this order and asked CS to cancel it.

You should hide the Buyer’s ID from your picture and all other personal information.

Maybe you didn’t work according to the client’s need or you may have done something against copyright.

Thanks. If buyer request to cancel a complete order, then fiverr cancel it? How is it possible, I am done this order in legal way.

Try contacting customer support yourself and they’ll give you a response as to why it was cancelled.

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Thank you. I submit a request but Costomer Support team doesn’t response my request.

Check the email affiliated with your Fiverr account, you’ll get an email when they’ve replied. It states that responses typically take 24-48 hours.

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