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Fiverr Customer Support Changed my Country Location

Hey Fiver Community!
I am a new seller just finished my 20th order. I just create a new gig yesterday:
and Fiverr issued a warning to my account about misinforming individuals about my location in my gig. I live in Canada for the last 5 years and I have contacted customer support multiple times but don’t seem to be getting any response. I honestly love this platform and have followed all rules and TOS but they are not even letting me know what the issue seems to be. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks :slight_smile:


That’s weird :thinking:
Did you use VPN that could’ve misrepresent your location?
Have you done ID verification or you didn’t receive that notification yet?

What was the messages that fiverr support sent you and why did they decide that you are from a different country?


Your time is consistent with India as far as I can tell?


They asked me also if I have used a VPN. But i dont own one. Yes I have done ID verification. No they said that they would be unable to share more information about what made them determine that. Thanks

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Hey MissCrystal? What do you mean by that? :slight_smile:

No sorry I was incorrect about that. Are you from India originally?

Yes that is correct. But I work in Canada now and have been here for 5-6 years. I own canadian documents aswell

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And you sent them you Canadian ID not Indian, right?

Umm most probobally. Not sure, did that when I created the account 2 months ago. Is that the reason? :slight_smile:

It might be, they changed my location after ID verification to place where my ID was issued.

Were they able to change your location when you offered them your new ID? Thanks

Also if this is actually the case. This would be that they did not actually perform the ID verification the first time I submitted my documents almost 2 months ago.

I didn’t offer them my new ID.

I was travelling and I had my location in a different place when they asked for ID verification. I sent them my ID and it automatically changed for the country where my ID was issued not the country where I was presently in.


The “automatically” there might be useful if the majority of sellers where country of issued ID and country of residence don’t align are traveling.
People who are permanent residents of a country other than their country of origin should get the choice of which of those two countries they want displayed.

Another issue might be using an ID without an address for verification, in that case, maybe some proof of residency like a current utilities bill on top of the ID could help.