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Fiverr customer support don't reply me


what is the reasons for , i am sending msg in fiverr customer support but they are not reply me. how to solve this problem plese help me



Hi and welcome.

The reasons could only be guessed at.

Are you getting an email asking you to reply to confirm your request? Some issues do not require a direct response.

Are you selecting the right drop down selections when submitting?


Also, sometimes Fiverr customer support takes a while. Just be patient.


Maybe you should start with NOT SPAMMING random users. You have sent unsolicited messages to my inbox twice. Please stop.


They do reply, just be patient … :slight_smile:


k tnx


I agree. Just got a message from this person. Complete and utter spam.

@nadunsampath. STOP SPAMMING PEOPLE OVER AND OVER. It won’t get you any gigs. And maybe, since English is not your first language… get someone to proofread your gig.

… And why not promote your gig to your 2.5 million people. I’m sure a few would buy your gig.