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Fiverr Customer Support .. ERRRR

I have been sending messages to fiverr support but still no response. Last month the support team did an excellent job. I got my solution within 24Hrs. But now i am waiting for 2 days and there is still no response from the support team. I am really disappointed with fiverr’s service here.

Beside updating every little thing, please fiverr upgrade your customer support. Better introduce a chat system.

Please comment or “like” to make my request heard. I am sure i am not the only one who is suffering from fiverr’s slow customer support team.

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hahaha! that is funny that when you are new that you have a sheep, icon. But I now I am experiencing a problem with Customer support, it has been almost two weeks now and no definite, answer. I think a chat support would be useful. Seeing the demand of new buyers joining the site on a daily basis.

2 days is not that long. Sometimes it takes a few days, I think you got lucky the last time that you happened to get a response in 24 hours.

Also, don’t keep sending several messages in a day.

And what is the problem you are having, is it similar to last time?

it’s solved now

It also depends on who answers your message

I have just noticed the icon of a cow under our user names - what does this represent I wonder