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Fiverr customer support is a joke

The past week one of my buyers had decided to try and scam me into cancelling an order which was completed in full.

I immediately reached over to customer support in an attempt to get the situation sorted.

So far I have spoken with 8(!!!) different representatives, all of which responded as if they are hearing about “some issue” for the first time ever.

Yesterday the order was cancelled by customer support.

The 8th representative so far wrote back to me -

“Hello there ***,
Let me look into it.
After the relevant team’s review, we canceled the last milestone only - the first two milestones will still be paid out.
I hope you find this somewhat reassuring.
Let me know should you need anything else.”

Thank you fiverr for the worst customer support experience I’ve had in my 32 years on this earth and thank you for stealing over 1,000$ worth of work from me.

Oh btw, I am a “Fiverr Pro”.
What a joke…


Try to understand that CS is trying to help you and they have rules and supervisors too. Their solutions may be weird and may cost you but if they think it helps then at least respect it. If they actually didn’t care, they wouldn’t respond to you and just let you get scammed
I understand ur POV but also try to understand fiverr’s POV.
I hope this helps and if ur gonna reply with toxicity I don’t care. Just think about it.


Hi praveenyt150,

Thanks for your reply.

Please don’t mistake my angry rant on the forum with my approach to customer support in the past week. I’ve been doing my best to remain professional and cooperative.

I wanted to help them sort this issue and was willing to provide any information they might have needed from me. I even understood the first couple of times they told me to “try and get along with the buyer”.

I know this post sounds extremely toxic and I guess they just broke me at this point. There’s a limit to how much crap a person can take and remain civil.

Regarding their decision, I know it wasn’t the best one they could have made, because if it was the case would have been assigned to a single representative who would have done the effort of going through the facts, communicating with both me and the buyer and promptly informed me regarding the reason of the decision that was made (which they still didn’t btw. I have no idea what their reason for cancelling this order is).

Instead, my case switch hands between 8 different people in a single week.
I worked in customer support in the past and I have many friends who still do. I have never encountered a company which allows cases to be handled like this.
I honestly feel like having a single representative responsible for taking care of a case which involves thousands of USD is not an unreasonable expectation. Do you?


Would you care to try to explain to us what you think is fiverr’s POV and how is it helpful to OP as you claim?


I honestly feel like having a single representative responsible for taking care of a case which involves thousands of USD is not an unreasonable expectation. Do you?

I also do. I’m not saying your being unreasonable. I just suggested that CS MAY be dealing with a lot of things and maybe that’s why they are doing this. And I do agree that a thousand dollars is a lot and I think CS should really focus more on this because fiverr takes 20 percent and it can also be considered stealing. ALSO fiverr handles the money for us so actually, They are taking ALL of the money. I understand now.


I’m glad you understand my position now.

I’m always open to the possibility of being wrong, but even if I am, this is no way to treat a case such as this.

I would urge you all to be very careful with your deals on this website and I would honestly recommend not selling anything expensive nor spending more time on Fiverr projects than you would be willing to not get paid for.

I just received an email explaining how to open a ticket on Customer Support while writing this comment.

Every time I respond to their Email there’s a new representative who has no clue as to what’s going on and rather than read previous communications starts the entire process from scratch.
And once I send the explanation again there’s a new representative, who is also, starting from scratch.

I am, honestly, dumbfounded.
It’s like some kind of a dark comedy film, only in real life with thousands of dollars on the line.


Wow… just wow. Makes me rethink my choice of getting on this platform…


It’s even worse than you think.

You know how there’s an option to limit the number of revisions you offer the client?

Well, turns out it’s not a technical limit, but a “recommendation”. The client can keep clicking on the “Request Revision” button as many times as they please. They don’t have to request a real revision, they can just say “Cancel the Project” and put you in a position where you now have to revise your work or get the order cancelled for being late.


They just entered in my profile and cancelled an order that was in revision, just like that, like I am not working on my order. I have felt that they have taken my money right out of my hands…
It was 300$ not 1000$ but its bad.

Honestly, very unprofessional

Pro seller as well…


I’m very sorry to hear everyone’s sides. I’ve only gotten one order in my life I really don’t know what it’s like in your shoes. But I hope CS does something quick about it and fast. And side note, this incident kind of remiinds me of voiceover Pete’s thing. He got banned from fiverr with thousands of dollars in his account and never got it back and fiverr ghosted him.


I’m really sorry to hear that @tatjanamitevska

Buyers seem to have a free reign to request endless revisions to make us late for the delivery.

300$ is no small amount. I’d imagine it it at least the daily salary of a manager, so you’d imagine they would be more responsive.

Very unprofessional indeed.

Are you planning on doing something about this? In my case I strongly feel like several TOS were breached against me.


@praveenyt150 So you’re saying I should have waited until I receive at least the partial money they did agree to play me before posting this?

Would be quite the story if this is how my case will end up.


I’m not implying that but it was something that popped into my head


My opinion of a very busy new seller on this platform.
First month I had my rates lower than my usually rates to get reviews and I didn’t really filtered my clients, I didn’t even know how. I got 2 difficult clients and 2 order cancellation after delivery, the first one ask for revision which was bigger than the project itself and the second one was a horrible person that’s all. I cancelled the first one because I was new on the platform and I didn’t know better and the second one was cancelled by CS and was source of my anxiety and stress for 2 weeks ( I should have send a medical bill to Fiverr to pay for it). Total money loss from completed orders: 700$ in the first month.

So, now I have different strategy, beside from filtering clients but in your situation maybe it doesn’t help since maybe you have already approved this client.
What works for my is price increase, I have increased my prices by 107% to cover my loss and minimize my risk. I keep my project duration 1 up to 2 days to protect myself from working on a order for too long if it doesn’t end well.

Also, don’t put all of your eggs in one bracket, don’t rely on Fiverr as a only source of income. It can be tempting if you are busy with order but on long run you put your entire business in the hands of an algorithm and the CS.
Increasing prices will get you less orders but more time to focus on your business outside the platform.


@tatjanamitevska Unfortunately this strategy is quite impossible for me.

I am a video game developer which means my orders rarely take less than a couple of weeks to deliver.
This means that just increasing my rates isn’t going to cut it since a lost project is lost revenue, usually, for an entire month.

I honestly think you should fight fiverr over the project you feel was wrongly cancelled.
The project you cancelled yourself is probably a lost cause though.


Is the prospect of Fiverr allowing – no, enabling – scams because they’re busy supposed to be reassuring?


Really , i am very unhappy for hand out money


I first thought Pro sellers and TRS have zero problems!
Thanks for sharing


Same here to be honest. One of the worst customer service I have ever dealt with.


I said MAY I didn’t say they ARE