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Fiverr customer support is awful for sellers

Hi guys

So I had an issue with a buyer asking me to cancel an order that was already marked as complete. I asked this buyer if she wanted me to make any revisions to her piece and I never heard anything back. 3 days passed and the work was marked as complete. Now this buyer comes back and asks me to cancel an order that is already complete 16 days ago. :angry:

Um, I don’t think so. First of all, I did the work and she had a period in which to ask for revisions (which I would have happily provided) and she didn’t. Now she wants to cancel an order that’s already been marked as complete with funds released to me. NO WAY.

I reached out to Fiverr customer support and they just told me to “try to persuade the buyer.” Honestly, I love using the Fiverr platform, but their customer service is horrendous. They need to start valuing sellers and not just throwing us under the bus. Buyers AND sellers contribute to Fiverr and make the platform possible.

Has anyone else experienced this. I’m open to feedback from buyers and sellers alike.



I’m sorry to hear you had a bad experience with a client. Usually CS is very helpful whenever I have an issue.
My suggestion would be to ignore the buyer since they are trying to go against the way Fiverr works.
I don’t think CS can do much about it. There will always be people trying to take advantage of the system and the bet course of action is to avoid them.
I just hope you don’t lose your money from that order, but if you do just keep in mind there’s always new clients coming in :slight_smile:


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It is your responsibility to deal with your clients.
Disagreements of this nature are nothing to do with CS.

OK so CS doesn’t intervene when buyers intentionally abuse the system (and sellers) and try to go around the way Fiverr works?


Yeah I just blocked her and haven’t heard anything since so hopefully that’s the end of it.

I’m baffled that she can ask me to cancel an order that has already been marked as complete. When I completed the assignment, I asked her if she wanted any revisions. Didn’t hear anything back from her, 3 days passed, and the assignment was marked as complete with funds released to me.

I haven’t lost any money from it, but Fiverr CS has been awful. It really feels like Fiverr is 100% in favor of the buyers and sellers are just treated like slaves.


I agree with Eoin. Just because a buyer wants a cancellation doesn’t mean you have to provide it. I would simply advise them that they had a chance to ask for revisions for 3 days and did not. At this point the matter is done. I would also point them to the section of TOS that says the following:

“Orders are not eligible to be cancelled based on the quality of service/materials delivered by the seller if the service was rendered as described in the Gig page. Buyers may rate their experience with the seller on the order page, including the overall level of service quality received.”

Then I would ignore them and make a cocktail the size of a basketball. But that’s just me. Do not work for free, and do not let them threaten you. There are creeps here who do work the system trying to get free work.


Exactly. This is what I was saying. The order was marked as complete. I made sure to ask if she wanted any revisions made and I didn’t hear anything back from her. The assignment was marked as complete 16 days ago and there’s really nothing else I can do.

It really is a done deal though; you’re right.

Absolutely right and I’ve faced the similar situation myself.
A buyer told me my work was no good and he needed some change so I asked him what changes should I made and told him that I’d be more than happy to do them.
Anyway, he didn’t respond for a week, and then left me a negative review. I again reached him and then he mentioned some changes I should do. I politely told him that you had your time for revisions and now the order is marked as completed days ago. Also I’m left with a pitiful review. Long story short, he contacted CS and got his refund and my review was still hanging there.
I didn’t bother contacting CS myself as in spite of all this, I still agree with Eoin here. Fiverr is just a platform and not our mother to provide settle our business relationships. Cheers._____

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The solution to a buyer asking you to cancel is not to go to CS, it is for you to simply say no.
You can point out the reasons as @newsmike said, ToS etc. but the bottom line is that you have to say no to them. It is absolutely normal in any business, offline or online, to get clients who are unreasonable; dealing with them directly is one of the “joys” of self-employment/freelancing.
Do be aware that they may leave a review up to 30 days after the order is completed and that they may leave a negative one (another one of the joys).

A way to minimize this type of situation with clients is to impress the value of your gig upon your clients - my post here may help: Communicating the Value of Your Gig to Buyers - UPYOUR
Unfortunately there are a small minority of buyers who may try to abuse the system but this is true anywhere you may work.

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I think some buyers attempt to abuse the system and the way it works. The buyer continued to harass me so I simply blocked her.

I feel like I really did my part.

Thank you for your assistance. Like I said, I do enjoy using the Fiverr platform and all of my ratings are great.

I feel like you were more helpful here than the person I spoke to at customer support. Thank you. :slight_smile:

The good news is that as you grow your business, you will see that it is a small percentage that do this. Most buyers are reasonable, and you’ll get a stable of repeat customers who are just a delight to deal with.


This is because CS do not have experience of selling here, the forum is excellent for posting problems like this and getting solutions - the forum also has an average response of less than 2 minutes whereas CS is 24 hours!
For things that need authority, CS is necessary but I find the forum much better for getting info as the answers all come from buyers and sellers who have been through it before.

PS. I would be careful about just shutting down communication with the buyer as they could then legitimately go to CS and say that you will not respond. Instead, make it clear that you are not cancelling the order, sorry they feel that way etc, but the order was complete as per the specifications.


Thank you so much. I’ll remember that. I feel a lot better. This forum is great.

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I agree that fiverr’s customer service is the worst for sellers. Because they wanna make each dime of the 20% commission, they are unwilling to cancel the order for me even when they buyer did not submit the right materials, and to threaten me with the cancellation rate againt my account if I really wanna cancel. They don’t care if the buyers did not read my gig description and submit totally useless materials that does not help to finish my order, they just want their 20% commission.

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Good luck on Fiverr, fella sellers. You are on your own without customer supports.


Sometime CS is good and sometime is worst. I have a issue that I submitted 2 months ago but still got no solution even their last reply was on 04 Aug and from that nothing. NO SOLUTION.

Sometime I think fiverr is running toward its death not running but jumping also.

How is he responsible? The buyer had 3 days to demand modifications or ask for a refund, he didn’t. He waits 16 days and then demands a refund, and you’re saying the seller is responsible? Why? The seller did his job. The seller delivered on time.

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That is ridiculous, we’re not all salesmen here. Our work is either liked or disliked, and if you’re like me, there’s no way to make a buyer like something he doesn’t like. If I was persuasive, I’d be a millionaire by now.


woah woah waoh woah.

This is where the “your buyer, your problem” argument goes out the window.

If you can take my money and give it back to the buyer, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE TO HELP THE SITUATION.


If you can cancel my order, or effect my business by downgrading me due to bad reviews, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE TO HELP ME IN SITUATIONS WHERE I HAVE HAD A BAD EXPERIENCE.

This argument doesn’t even make sense. Fiverr is “uninvolved” or “not obligated” to deal with anything… UP UNTIL ITS TIME TO GET PAID. UP UNTIL ITS TIME TO HELP THE BUYER, NEVER THE SELLER. UP UNTIL ITS TIME TO INTERVENE IN A NEGATIVE WAY.

I have had nothing but amazing support from Fiverr CS team. And prompt response. I know others have had bad experiences but I appreciate what they’ve done for me. I just wanted to point out the hypocrisy of implying fiverr is not involved in any business dispute, but yet gets involved to refund buyers, and even makes a profit off the sales. Fiverr is advertised to be a safe mechanism for free lancing that protects BOTH sellers and buyers. And even encourages you to keep communication, payment, etc. within the fiverr platform for safety. YES if a buyer is trying to get a refund unjustly, its up to fiverr to not do so. As they are the only ones who can in the first place.

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