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Fiverr Customer Support is Dead (Rest In Peace)

I Open an Issue Almost 8 Days Ago and Still Open . No one is responding.


I’m experiencing the same. What has happenned to them?

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According to the forum, some people receive answers in 10 days.


Problems because of the pandemic, plus thousands of new users joining, not understanding anything, not reading anything, and sending them multiple tickets.


you have to select an actual issue for support

pandemic has nothing to do with that Workers can work from home , plus thousands of new users joining, So fiverr should hire New People .

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some people receive answers in 10 days. What about Rest of the people

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agree with you :joy:

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Due to COVID-19, it takes time.
Please wait and be patient

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I Hope So. Lets Wait for month

That’s a broad statement and you don’t know that. You can’t just send the entire CS staff to “work from home” when they used to work in the office environment and expect things to run smoothly. You also can’t know fiverr’s budgets and how many more staff they can or plan to hire. Also, freelancers and those temporarily working from home get sick too.

I don’t think that fiverr handled or prepared for the deluge of new sellers well by any means, but the pandemic has a lot to do with the current state of things.

PS Also, considering the quality of customer support we are getting sometimes, just hiring a bunch of new people probably would make things worse.


That’s an investment, and a risky one right now.

I usually get answer to an support ticket in about 3-5 work days. It might have to do with categories. I usually open a ticket in security section > other.

Thats True I Agree with you, how you know so much about fiverr @lenasemenkova

Now Days might it take long time

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