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Fiverr customer support is fair to sellers?

Hi everyone

Can somebody tell me a story where the buyer tried to scam the seller into getting the work for free and the seller actually won the case with customer support and the order did not get cancelled ?

Thanks for sharing : )

Why are you seeking a story like this?


Agreed, it seems like a bit of an odd question. Judging from your previous posts, it looks like this issue has happened to you quite a bit. You might consider retailoring what you offer so that there is less confusion between you and the buyer, which would likely eliminate most of the “scams” you’ve encountered.


Yes it just happened to me. I don’t think he took it to customer support or if he did no one told me about it. I took it to customer support and told them not to give him a refund if he asked for one and they agreed not to. He tried to get it free by saying that he wanted something I don’t offer as soon as I delivered the order. Customer support looked at what he said and agreed not to give him one if he asked. They said they agreed that he was trying to get something for free.

I have a one star review from him but that’s ok. I would never give a refund to someone who tried this. Of course he lied in his review and tried to continue to harass me but I blocked him.

He set off red flags. I could tell he was trying to pull something right away. His behavior was unlike any other real clients.

Customer Service is aware buyers try this. They will not give a refund to a buyer who does this, in my experience, and there is no way in the world I would. I’m going to buy myself a nice meal with what I earned from his order. :slightly_smiling_face:


Are you telling me there are no buyers with bad intentions
It’s so easy to get work for free, the client just has to say the magical word " I don’t like it "
No questions asked the order gets cancelled

Thank you very much for sharing.

True we only see the red flags when it’s too late

Custer support did tell me that " we can’t force to complete the order but we can offer you to cancel the order and you still get the order’s funds "

Which is a bit weird but I accepted their offer ( eventhough it hurts my order completion rate )


Good and bad peoples are everywhere,So i think CS must include some security for seller as well…


everybody for this post

this person right here explains it pretty well

any thoughts ?