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Fiverr customer support is non supportive for Buyers!


What a bad experience with Seller and Fiverr customer support.
I paid 175$ for a web design that was literally copied from another site.
I asked for Sellers to show previous work to get an idea of experience. I chose ********. The sites were amazing and asked what parts she participated and she said from scratch, so I was impressed.
After spending time creating a dossier for the Seller with my requirments she asked me if there were any sites that I liked so I sent a few explaining that I liked the layout and to get an idea of the “look” I wanted. After a couple of days with no signs of life or web I asked how it was going and within the hour I was send that the work was completed. It was the worst site I had ever seen. I have done better in the past but I am a beginner and wanted to get this done professionally and quickly. She copied someone else’s site, literally. The images the posts, everything. Not only that she eliminated my posts that were already in WP and the SEO work already done by another Seller previously which I was satisfied.
Fiverr Customer support is not supportive over 2 weeks of telling me to contact the Seller the ticket is still open.
I asked them to be decent and pay for the SEO gig to be reinstated by the same Seller at least give me this and it cost 10$. Nothing concrete, always the same reply.
Really disappointed. The Seller knows nothing of web design and flagrantly copied someoneelse’s site.
Fiverr offers their platform for Seller and Buyers to meet so they must be responsible at some point for this copying and bad, bad work. They won’t even go into the conversation claiming privacy - which is a load of bull.
I will be going further with this to file an official complaint. I know I have lost my money as the Seller in Pakistan is having a huge laugh at my expense, literally.
Bad Seller - bad Fiverr customer support. I have used them on several ocassions as private and business accounts so I will be elminating my accounts, of course.


Sorry to hear that you had a poor experience, but why do you think you have lost your money?

You open a dispute and request a cancellation. If the buyer doesn’t agree to mutual cancellation then you request it through customer support. I’d say 9/10 cases CS will support you and you’ll get the order canceled (assuming that your problem description is accurate).

If customer support is giving you template responses then escalate it. Just like there are bad sellers there are support agents who are not very good at their job. Be persistent and you’ll get there.

Fiverr has its flaws but take a step back, deal with the situation and carry on :slight_smile:
If you need the services that Fiverr offers then there’s no need to quit because of this poor experience. Every site has its problems.
Based on what I’ve read there’s no way Fiverr will force you to accept a stolen website. You just need to follow the rules and demand cancellation.



I can think of two reasons, first being buyer didn’t describe project clearly and second is poor service from seller. Well, it’s a combination of both I guess.

Check if you missed something. Here’s a to-do list for buyers(just made up):

  1. When you decide to make a website make sure you do all research personally or have someone trusted to do that for you before finding someone to do the job for you.

  2. You(or someone capable you trust) should be able to determine the complexity of work and find seller based on that. If the work is complicated then find someone with good experience(lots of good reviews), keeping in mind you have to pay more than usual for an experienced seller(or if you are lucky then that’s a different story). Likewise, if the work is less complicated then find less experience seller for low-cost service.

  3. Whoever is your seller you must describe your project clearly. And put appropriate conditions before seller start working. Conditions can be like “I need to see an update of my project every other day or I don’t want a copy paste site.” This is important because later if you have a dispute with a seller you can show your condition to Fiverr customer support which will work as evidence.

  4. Buyer disappearing after starting the project not even found after job delivery. Later complaining why is this and that. I personally believe buyer have no right to complain is such situation. (Btw this is really problematic for a seller because they have other works to do and if they don’t do buyers job in time they’ll get bad review).

This is what I can think of a buyer’s mistake.

As for seller from buyer’s point of view,

  1. A seller must ask all the necessary question to get started.

  2. A seller should be able to predict his/her workflow. If there is a problem further ahead then buyers must be informed.

  3. A seller must be honest of their work. If for some reason he/she can’t complete the work then it must be informed. Canceling order will save time and money for buyers. In future, a seller has reason to contact the buyer for works.

That’s all the possibility I can think of.

Points to be noted

  1. Not all sellers are bad.
  2. I’m sure if the term and conditions are met then Fiverr customer support will definitely help you.



I understand what you are saying but you missed something important in the OP thread. The seller stole someone else’s website.

If I had a website and someone copied it, then I will go after the owner and sue them. The seller has no stake even though he’s the thief.

It doesn’t matter how good or bad the buyer’s instructions were the seller shouldn’t have copied another website.


You gave plenty of info on the seller and what you went through but you didn’t give us much on the transaction between you and customer support.

As a side note, there are lots and lots of sellers here who use female profile picture that they downloaded off Google. Many of these girl or women sellers are actually men who disguises themselves.

Are you sure your seller is a “she?” Reverse search her profile picture. Right click the picture, Google search it, see if it’s stolen from a stock photo or celebrity picture.



Well, let’s assume a buyer wants a site 100% copy of another site. And a seller provides just that. Is there anything wrong with it? No, unless it’s found by actual owner. Which is very unlikely and unrealistic. However, if the site is a copy of big or mid-size company and has noticeable visitors then there is a chance that owner gets sued.

My main point here is the job description clear enough for the seller to not to do that.

Please note that I don’t support or promote copying sites 100%(codes and images). I’m trying to point out the flaw in communication between buyer and seller.

Thank you


If it’s illegal, it’s illegal whether the actual owner discovers it or not.


Funny… The buyer’s account is no longer active, could it be that they have called paypal to the rescue?


If a site is 100% a copy of another site not only can you get letters from lawyers who want to sue you, your site will not get on Google.


I always discuss with my buyer in very deep. And do elicitation process in very details. I just not force my buyer to place order. I brief again and again and when buyer say that’s it. Than i create custom order request or if there request is align with gig package i tell them to place the order…

Secondly its really common people here from Asia region using girls/actress pictures to grab the buyer attention so for BUYERS its important to check there reviews how long the seller has been member of this platform and what other’s says about seller.



Yes, it’s illegal. But read what the problem is and find the reason why such situation occurs. If the buyer knew the site is copied then it’s easy to open a dispute and cancel the order. Let’s assume buyer was busy didn’t login to Fiverr and he’s free a day within 3 days, he can easily press modify and open a new dispute. But that did not happen. So it’s easy to guess the communication between them was very poor. I hope my point is clear.


I have used Fiverr extensively over the past 3 years and have been fairly satisfied with the experience. However, when it comes to customer service, of any kind, it is nonexistent.

The second I find something better I will never use Fiverr again :slight_smile: