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Fiverr customer support is not responding for the cancellation of the order


I’m a seller on Fiverr. I sent the message 15 days ago for the cancellation of the order because the buyer is not responding to me at all. She was good at the start of the order then I don’t know, suddenly what happened to her she is not responding to me even she was appreciating my work before. Now the order has got late more than 14 days and I’m not getting a single response from Fiverr customer support. An autogenerated message was sent to me that we will get back to you within 10 days but unfortunately, they didn’t.

Now my gigs have been down, my profile has been affected very drastically because the order has got late for the last 14 days. Anyone who can suggest me something? I’m really worried about this order. Your little effort will be highly appreciated.

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Why did you decide to cancel the order before the delivery date? Did the customer not give you any information upon ordering?

Also, stop creating multiple threads on the same topic and hijacking other threads for your purpose. It is rude.


Sorry for that, I really apologize.
No, She was great at the start of the order she was responding me but suddenly she stopped to reply to me. Requirements were completed but she did come online but was not replying to me that’ why I didn’t deliver the files otherwise everything had been done as per her requirements.

If you got instructions and completed the work as per her requirements, then why not deliver it? It is not your customer’s job to hold your hand every step of the way. Some customers stop responding for one reason or another, but if you have the requirements, that does not prevent you from delivering.

If you are done with the work, then I suggest you deliver it.


I second this. If the job is done as per the requirements, it’s within your rights to deliver it.

As for Customer Support situation, I’m honestly shocked by all the stories of how the inquiries are being handled. It’s like there is no support at all. I’d suggest to either write a comment on your ticket and ask for any updates or to close the ticket and create a new one. It might boost it although there are no guarantees.


I understand what you are saying.

But I have worked with many people who have their unusual hacking routine and working hours. They tell me about it and I accommodate them accordingly. And If they are too busy they don’t even come online. But what she is doing she does come online every day see my message and get offline. By the way, I’m a graphic designer and do animated twitch designs for gamers and streamers and they want me to show each design before official delivery. And I also ensure the things by providing everything in the inbox so that they can put these into the streaming software and could get the idea of how the designs are looking to their audience while online streaming So If they want some change amendments I do before the official delivery.

I sent each design to her before the deadline and I asked her If she is wanting some changes in the design she is most welcome. She did come online, see my messages, and got offline. Now what I can do. If she didn’t come online I might deliver the files to her but in this case, I didn’t find a way to deliver it.

No offense!

It’s not how fiverr works, it’s not required and it puts you into a vulnerable position. Delivery button is for “showing the design”. Buyers have revisions to use if they want to make any changes.

I can understand one or two anxious buyers wanting to see the sketch beforehand but if multiple people are asking for this all the time, you’re doing something wrong.


She is probably already using your design if you have provided it via the inbox …


Fiverr marks an order as completed after 3 days of delivery. Why haven’t you delivered? Did she send you her requirements?
Some buyers come online once they get a notification of a delivery. Maybe the buyer is waiting for you to deliver


Basically, the main thing was that she was coming online each day but she was not responding to me. I thought not to deliver the order because she might give me a negative rating. I thought to contact the customer support to cancel the order to avoid any uncertainty. My main focus was on my portfolio not on a single order.

You are well within your right to deliver it.

If someone shows as online on fiverr, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are online. I had buyers telling me they saw me online when I most definitely wasn’t. She can have a tab in her browser or an app on her phone opened without noticing it, for instance. It doesn’t mean anything.


As I told before I was totally focusing on my portfolio.

And possibly make your buyer very angry. Perhaps she’s using your design already, and didn’t say anything because she doesn’t want any changes.


It’s a very strange way to “focus on your portfolio” by making a lot of assumptions of what’s going on in your buyer’s life and what may or may not be their agenda.


I think she could reply to me to take 30 seconds out of her life because she was communicating with me very well at the start of the order.

I really respect all of you, and your time and efforts to respond to me. Next time, I will try to be more careful about this scenario.

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I suggest you deliver it.