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Fiverr Customer Support is Terrible

I have a Fiverr Faces gig set up through their mobile app. Fiverr reached out to me back in 2015 during the summer asking if I wanted to partake in their “Pets” Fiverr Faces since I have a gig up for me.

Initially, I asked if it was possible to cancel the gig if, in case, I found out that I didn’t like it. Whomever I was talking to then said, “yes, it’s easy to cancel your gig. Just tell us, and we’ll get it taken down for you.” Easy, right?


It’s NOT.

Fiverr Faces just isn’t for me. I’m not saying it’s a bad app, but it’s not my style. I don’t get to talk to my customers directly. You have to get in touch with a customer support who gets in touch with the customer, which I think, is silly. Plus, the customer support is also rude. Asking if I did any of the changes the customer asked instead of the customer confirming it or not.

Anyway, that’s besides my point.

I tried to get my Pets Fiverr Faces gig canceled. Not once. Not twice. But I am going onto my FIFTH (Yes, that’s 5) time getting in touch with Fiverr Support and telling them to take my gig down because EVERY SINGLE TIME a customer comes in, I go in to cancel the order because I don’t want to deal with the crappy communication process that they have set up. And it ruins, absolutely ruins, my completion rating.

I don’t understand why Fiverr Customer Support can’t communicate better with the sellers and with whomever is running Fiverr Faces. It pisses me off to no end.

Hoping that writing this rant will catch their attention 'cause i’m about to pull my hair out.

You could pause the gig.

No surprise really. Sounds like typical Fiverr support. The absolute worse is when you simply get the initial cut and paste form email…you know the one that says…“Fiverr does not make money too”…Just love that one especially when buyers abuse the PayPal charge-back system and you lose $$$ almost 2 months later after a gig was delivered. Months later, Fiverr still has done zip, nada…and STILL uses that same contrived form email. Pathetic.

This isn’t Fiverr. It’s Fiverr Faces, where I don’t have control to the “gig.” It’s through an app where Fiverr Faces contacted me through e-mail because I do a very specific kind of gig. I asked at the very beginning, if I didn’t like what Fiverr Faces entails, could I cancel it. And they said yes. “Yes” turned into “nope” “nope” “oh yea, we cancele - wait, nope.” over and over and over again. It’s been over 9 months since I opened a gig on Fiverr Faces and over 8 months since I’ve asked them to take it down and it has not happened yet.