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Fiverr Customer Support is the BEST!

As a seller I know there are many times when Fiverr Customer Support seems like to protect buyers more than sellers, but recently I had a very pleasant (and satisfying) experience.

I have been a seller on fiverr for more than 9 months and I LOVE what fiverr brought to my life! Ever since I started working on Fiverr everyting went only better and better everyday! My sale numbers kept rising, and so my earnings, which motivated me more and more to create new things I can sell on fiverr!

But as many of us know, competition is getting tougher everyday, and maintaining a good position on fiverr is getting harder. Sadly, some sellers try to go down some dirty ways, and I met one of them today.

A seller, pretending to be an author on another major micro-job site (copying his username and even avatar picture) placed 2 orders with me. I was suspicious, but not that much. After I delivered his orders on time, and although what I delivered was EXACTLY what my gig offers he placed 2 negative orders without asking any revisions. Then it hit me and did some digging. I contacted the real person on the other website and asked if he was the one who ordered my gig, and just as I guessed he was just a fake. I sent him cancellation requests for both of his orders and contacted him and told him that I knew he was a fake and to remove his intentional negative reviews. When he did not respond to my messages I contacted Fiverr Customer Support and asked them to investigate user’s activities. Meanwhile the buyer backed down, cancelled the two orders, removing the fake reviews hoping that it would save him, but when Fiverr Team investigated this person’s account (in 30 minutes after I contacted them) they immediately banned the user’s account.

I love how Fiverr takes these things seriously. Keep up the good work, guys!

I am surprised customer support didn’t warn you for talking to somebody outside of Fiverr (Same situation happened to me, the person who actually didn’t ordered contacted me through Facebook, I mentioned that to Fiverr, and they told me off for making it easy to find me on Facebook)

To be honest I believe it usually comes down to how the assigned agent feels. One agent’s views about one incident can be different than another’s. It happened to me. I had a similar experience with a fake person leaving me a negative rating intentionally. The first agent said that the review cannot be removed without the buyer’s consent. But the next day, another agent said she investigated the incident and removed the bad rating.