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Fiverr customer support my 3 month old order

Fiverr customer support my 3 month old order. I was working with client alomst 50+ changes and client was not good with their work,she give me to do one task after completing that one she ask me to remove that one but i do what she say .she didn’t say anything to me but fiverr cancel it yesterday,
what i have to do?
there is no support option

Hello, there is probably nothing you can do. Once it has been cancelled it is final.


client was satisfied with my work and she was demanding changes and i accepted to do but without saying anything she canceled.

I think buyer request to CS to do that.

there is no option for cs

CS means Fiverr customer support

Did fiverr support cancel it or the buyer filled a chargeback? What was the exact message you received with a cancellation?