Fiverr customer support need to Respond on time as per fiverr rule


I was placed ticket before 3 days but fiverr customer not resolve or reply this ticket yet,

fiverr commitment is every issue resolved in 24 to 48 hour, but our ticket duration is already 3 days passed but no one reply on ticket.

very bad fiverr customer support experience now days. Fiverr support team need to resolve all issues on time. Thanks


Please be patient. Fiverr CS is likely busy, and will get to your request – if it is a valid request – as soon as they are able.


It’s also a rant/complaint, rather than a suggestion. You can always ping the @fiverrsupport twitter handle for follow up after the 48 hour window. You’re sure to get a response then. Good luck!


You know if we’re busy or even on vacation they still hold our response rates hostage to a 24 hour rule. I’m tired of seeing people say that we need to be patient because they’re busy. We’re all busy. If they’re going to hold us to a certain standard, then they should have to live up to the same standard.


usually i have to send 2 ticket for 1 issue to get reply…


Don’t Send multiple Ticket Regarding Same Issue, Its not a solution. You will receive 100% resolution in your single ticket. Fiverr support team is really busy BUT he/she definitely answer your ticket.

Our all Previous issue was solved and i realized fiverr is great place and i am happy with fiverr :slight_smile: Love fiverr :slight_smile:


Work hard on your Gig and deliver best service here. Once you move into Levels, the support will reply faster :slight_smile: Hard work will pay off here.