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Fiverr Customer Support not supportive


Hey - I’m looking to see if anyone has a personal contact in Fiverr. I teach classes in developing countries ( The Caribbean and Africa) on how to get started on Fiverr and my students are immediately blocked because we are all on the same IP address. The class is in our training center and everyone brings their own laptops. Anyway - Fiverr always blocks their accounts and now they are extremely unsupportive.
When I asked to unblock our student’s accounts here’s the horrible message they gave us:
" Gio | Team Lead Yesterday at 17:55
Hi there,

Thank you for your dedication and hard work promoting Fiverr. Unfortunately, we will no longer be able to provide any assistance with accounts unrelated to your personal account.

Fiverr will require that every single account be reviewed on their own merit regardless of any affiliation with your boot camp. All accounts must work within our Terms of Service. Creating mass accounts will be flagged by our Trust and Safety Team and may be removed permanently from Fiverr. Additionally, opening multiple gigs with similar content may result in the removal of the gig or even the entire account from our website.

Thank you for your understanding."

We aren’t creating mass accounts!
Very unsupportive.
Does anyone have any advice?
I offered to meet with them in their office in the USA in person … no response from support.



Fiverr is always Good.:slightly_smiling_face:


I’m sorry you felt this wasn’t supportive. Personally I agree with the response you received. If the students are all creating Fiverr accounts on the same IP during a class, I would also call that mass account creation. It opens the door to all kinds of abuses.

In my opinion you would be better off teaching the students how to run a freelance business on varied sites. I wouldn’t suggest having them create actual accounts in class. They can do that at home, at a friend’s home, in a library or cafe or elsewhere.

I am not Fiverr staff though forum moderators do have staff contacts. We also tend to correspond with Customer Support through tickets, though, and as far as I know there is no way to call Support. Even if you showed up at a Fiverr office, I don’t think they would change their minds. Fiverr has pretty much been an platform for individuals to start businesses. Good luck.


Thanks for your reply - but how is that mass account creation? They all are individuals with their own phone numbers to verify, their own identifications, email accounts, etc. We even take photos and send them in for proof, not that I think Fiverr thinks we are doing anything wrong, they know we are not scamming or doing mass account creation … the Issue is that we would love to get some support in the sense that they would say " Good Job guys, how can we support you as you support Fiverr sellers!"
I’m sure it’s just their computerized system that’s getting triggered.
I teach Social Media classes - and when businesses start their Facebook Business Page in the class to promote their business - that’s not mass account creation. We do have students create their accounts before class - but just the impact of logging in during a class gets their account deleted. In Jamaica Fiverr is the BEST site for working online.
We used to teach upwork as well, but the platform is not feasible for most.
We are using Fiverr just as it’s intended - the only thing we are adding is teaching people how to efficiently and effectively use the site. Although many people can figure it out on their own, we cater to those who need a “teacher.”
Our success stories are so inspiring! Our team, our volunteers, our community - we are making a difference in a developing country that really needs it! It’s our passion and we just need to get over this hump. Any further advice is appreciated!


I’m afraid that you should probably just abandon this project. I work part time in a co-working space and usually connect to a public wifi hotspot rather than the centers own, just in case anyone I’m with decides to open a Fiverr account.

If you’re using the same IP as another Fiverr user, you basically get flagged for having multiple accounts.

As for ‘teaching Fiverr.’ This really isn’t viable because of the above. There is no way round the situation, sorry.


You could teach about Fiverr with training videos (assuming that’s allowed), teach creating gig images, creating gig info videos, navigating the areas of the site that don’t need logging in. You could also teach actually doing a variety of different gigs/tasks eg. graphic design or whatever the students are interested in (without actually uploading them to the site. ie. training so they have the skills necessary to do those gigs well if they actually created gigs for those for real at some later stage), where the students can pick ones they are most interested in/those they think they will be best at.