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Fiverr Customer Support only for Buyers?

Hi all,

Okay, this is a long story but I have worked really hard for three months and I deserve to get full payment since I followed the buyer order details and completed everything and even completed tonnes of addditonal work for free to my buyer. Now Fiverr CS is asking me to settle for %25 of my revenue as compensation because they already canceled the order and returned the money to buyer.

I have been working on a project for almost three months and just before the final delivery the buyer played a trick with me he changed his login creditentials of his website account so I cannot complete his task on time and he can get a full refund which unfortunately he had been succeful with. Since it was a website he changed his login details about which I immediately informed Fiverr two days before the deadline that I cannot complete my order if my buyer does not provide me details. On the submission day he asked me to cancel the order and I refused because I had completed %95 of work except what he has not given me access to (He said he will send and never did.) he had revisons left and I was ready to provide him more if needed.

Client listed reasons for cancellation such as additonal work not completed which was not part of the order. Quality of work such as bad code (He had access to staging site for three months where he can see the code.), I have provided Fiverr Customer Support with all the proofs of work about how my work matches with the buyer requirement yet they are forcing me to settle for %25 of my revenue that is only $389 out of $1400 why should I settle for less?

I have asked them multiple times to explain how my order is not in line with the buyers requirment which they said they reviewd. I sent more proofs yet they are saying I cannot offer you more than $389 as compensation?

Tell me if I am wrong here. I will settle for %25 but I think I deserve full payment if I did my job I was hired to do. :frowning:

PS : As far I understand Fiverrs TOS a buyer should not get a refund on the basis of Quality of work. Fiverr has review system for it. He can simply leave me a bad review if he did not liked the quality of work. That too when the order was in process and the buyer had revisons left.

Thanks all.
Atif. S


Of course because buyer is the source of funding!


fiverr should do something about the scammers


If you have his domain for the site go there and take a screenshot of it where he is using the site you made for him and send it to CS. And give them the domain name so they can look for themselves. If the site is not up or does not work correctly then take the 25%.
I’m sorry this happened to you! It’s unfortunate that you got a bad client.

It depends on if they got a usable site or not. Without knowing all details it’s hard to judge this, as there are numerous things to judge. If the site was unusable then they do deserve a refund. As I said I’m sure there are more details that are mitigative.


This is horrible … I know this from experience elsewhere.

Unfortunately, CS has only cancel option, not split option. They cannot force the buyer to accept the order … which means they can’t make them pay the whole lot. That 25% they’re offering you? It comes from Fiverr, not the client.

Yes, you should have been paid. It’s cr$p that you’re not.

Frankly, Fiverr should do something about this - escrow, or something. It’s growing far too big to let this happen on a regular basis.



First off, I’m sorry this has happened to you. You have basically been scammed. However, you could have prevented this by splitting a big order like this up into smaller orders. Fiverr does not even usually allow single orders to continue for over a month.

If Fiverr is offering to pay you 25%, I am guessing that they are offering to do so out of their own pocket. This is pretty unique. Fiverr has absolutely no obligation to pay you a dime if a buyer scams you. This is not because they are a bad company. They simply can’t legally force a buyer to pay. Nor do they have the ability to recover funds lost to things like chargeback fraud.

(In theory they do. However, chargeback fraud is exploding at present and even many banks simply don’t have the resources to investigate every occurrence.)

If Fiverr is offering to pay you 25% of the funds for your order, I’d take it and move on while putting better work practices into effect. It is not fair. It is not nice. It is not right. However, I think Fiverr may be extending an olive branch here which they have no obligation to. In this case, I’d say take it and move on.


Did you extend the delivery multiple times or was it getting very late? Or was it in revision/been through a few revisions? Like has been said Fiverr doesn’t normally allow >30 day deliveries. Maybe they don’t mind it extended a bit but they might have a problem with orders being worked on for almost 90 days.

So it would be a good idea to make it so you could do things like that in different orders or use milestones, where each order could be a lot shorter duration (no more than 30 days) and lower priced and so lower risk if there was a cancellation. Though you shouldn’t split it in such a way that Fiverr thinks you are trying to get too many reviews instead of 1.


I would like to see an escrow service for websites. The money would be paid into the escrow account. The seller would do the job and then the site would be up and functioning before the funds were released to them.

As to the details of what the customer’s obligation is to provide what is needed those details can be worked out in advance hopefully, along with all other possible details of what the site would do, how it would look and work.

There are many ways that the making of a website for a client can go wrong, on either side. An escrow service would need to be independent of fiverr but have judges who are very familiar with the ins and outs of making websites.

This is a rapidly growing section of fiverr.


It is very sad news. But you have also done a mistake that you didn’t create milestones for such a huge order.
Now Fiverr can only pay you from there own pocket, they cannot force the buyer to accept the order.
I think you should take 25% because something is better than nothing.
Hope for the best.


I’m sorry to hear this friend, I have many same experiences before as well and many times I even had to do full refund. It’s painful, trust me I know.

Like you mentioned, it feels support is always on buyer side. That is the sad case in Fiverr.

In the long run, I have accepted this and I hope in future Fiverr can work on a win win situation for everyone.

But my advise is - don’t let this exhaust you mentally. The Chinese believe sometimes you need to let go of small fishes to hook in bigger fishes. If it’s a fight you can’t win, let go. Go to bed. Wake up, forget about the case entirely, move on. Find bigger projects/clients. Also be sure to assess for high quality buyers. As long as your work is good, you will rebound from this even stronger.


The client forced me to prioritized his additional work. We we mutually agreed to extend the deadline multiple times.


Its funny Fiverr cannot force a buyer to complete a %100 done project but the buyer can force Fiverr to get a refund from completed work. Well played Fiverr.


I am quite happy with the seven years I’ve devoted to my career on fiverr. Yes there have been problems mostly with the approximately once a year difficult buyer. Sure it’s stressful to think about the levels but still I love it here. That’s my opinion but I respect and understand if others feel differently.

I take responsibility for my own difficulties as much as possible. Nothing is perfect anywhere. I know it can be hard here to work for ourselves and there are things beyond our control that happen. But I still enjoy being self employed on fiverr.


Update: The Fiverr also cancelled another completed other and deducted amount from my account. Fiverr CS is blindly in love with buyers. How can they cancel completed orders because it was related to a disputed one and make me pay for it? Fiverr is doing its best to make me delete my account.

Hello, sorry this happened to you! As much work as you put into this, they look at if the buyer got what he paid for. If the deadline for an order comes and goes and he doesn’t have what he paid for they can cancel it, regardless of any details that made it not possible to finish the job.

So since you make websites, it sounds like it would be a good idea to figure out what some other long time sellers who provide websites do. They have ways of avoiding the pitfalls you have had.

By him being able to change his login credentials before the job was finished you were vulnerable. Figure out how to avoid these problems in the future.

Someone else mentioned working on this project for 3 months which means that you went over the normal deadline fiverr has for it only taking one month at the longest for a project so that is one way you could improve the outcomes for yourself.

I think when a new seller or level 1 or level 2 seller is getting regularly orders and his gig is ranked then this will happen and its gig goes back.