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Fiverr Customer Support Rocks!

I never usually deal with Fiverr customer support, and I don’t have a reason to. Most of my buyers are wonderful people. But there was a guy who made a $5 order and wanted the article for free, so he made ridiculous complaints, basically wanted the article to be changed by half, refused to accept mutual cancellation, asked if he could use the article anyway. So I delivered the order and he writes a really nasty negative review - my 4th in 2 years here. So today as I get up, I send a message to Fiverr customer support explaining how the negative review was undeserved and they take 5 minutes to remove the feedback! Now I am back to 3 negative reviews. Really, Fiverr customer support - you guys are awesome!

Yes they are very good—so happy you got the negative feedback removed!

Yeah :slight_smile: One of the few such experiences I have had on Fiverr…the buyer was an unreasonable person.

Some of the customer support people can tell that some sellers consistently do great work so negative feedback would be very unusual.

Awesome, happy for you that you got it worked out ;).


Glad you got it sorted.

Yes, they are great! I’m impressed with how fast their support is as well. A year ago it took many days to get a reply, these days only minutes. Much respect!