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Customer support told me to remain calm and report the buyer if he continues to use stolen content. (I received an account warning for misuse of the delivery button, even though I didn’t even misuse it and, as a result, the order was cancelled)


I deleted it. Basically, I got an account warning this morning and the order cancelled for this reason:

“• Misdelivery of services in this order. Please note that misusing the Delivery button to complete an order with no relation to a completed service is against our Terms of Service.”

The client has the content and is using it on his website. So, I am unsure as to how I misdelivered and why Fiverr didn’t carry out more research into it. I messaged them to say the client is using the content and they said:

“remain calm. If the client doesn’t remove the content in 3 days, let us know”

that doesn’t really help me since they now have free content. It isn’t like they are going to give the client a warning. I stand to gain no benefit.

However, customer support told me to remain calm, calm in light of the fact that they cancelled an order for misuse of the delivery button for seemingly no reason. Now I am just scared to deliver orders.

Okay, if you delivered the content as an MS Word file, there wouldn’t have been a problem. Don’t trust anyone. Just do the right thing so that there is no chance of a misunderstanding - even if you have done nothing wrong.

How do you misuse the delivery button?

By delivering nothing at all.