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Fiverr cut my money

I got an order from a client who is from Germany so he paid me euros(€1,266) and I got it in USD ($1,350) which is (€1210.64) euros so were that (€56) euros go?

They have their own conversion rates which are different from the ones in currency converters.

But I think you are talking about processing fee of 5%.

It’s hard to say with info you provided.
Did you create a custom offer for him? Or did he order one of your gig packages? What was your price? What amount is shown on your order page?

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Ya i made custom offer of 1409$. 1350$ is shown on my order page.

Can you attach a screenshot here? Just don’t forget to cover your clients name.

No, not this one. The screenshot from the top part summary when you open your order page.