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Fiverr cutting 5% TDS

Today I completed my 6th order. And Fiverr took 20% platform fee + 5% TDS.

The total Order amount was 140$ but in my revenue, it is reflecting only 90$. I don’t know how they are cutting but according to above

For 140$ order

20% platform fee = 28$
5% TDS = 7$
Total = 35$

So 140$ - 35$ = 105$

Why an extra 15$ cut ?

Can anyone explain to me. Any way to reduce the TDS amount.


Is order really 140 or that is with extras and tips?

Tips are shown separately. Check other entries with same date.


The actual order amount was 140$.There is no tip. Extras ? I extended delivery time 2 times is that the cause of the deduction.

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no that isn’t the problem, you won’t get charged if you extend delivery time

Where does it say 140, on what pages, order page, analytic page, earning tab? Check all three and compare.

“Tax collected” - what is that? I have never seen it. That’s where the problem is.

Tax? where are you from?

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You may have selected a US person from form w 9 your account setting. For which they have collected tax from you.
Profile >> Setting >> At the bottom form w-9

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Check out this topic: What the new fees in terms of TDS for Indian usere

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I am from the US. Fiverr does not collect any taxes from me. They give me the information about my income on Fiverr and I take it to the ladies who prepare my taxes.

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I updated my PAN details but still 1% TDS is cutting from earnings.