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Fiverr daily offers

I have sent all 10 offers, that one can send in a day.
But fiverr is still showing that i have 10 offers to send.
Is it happening only to my account or any one else is also aware of that?
I am confuse that there can be an issue to account.


I didn’t sent a single offer today and it’s showing no offers left today.
In your case, its completely opposite. BR section is going crazy today. So many posts regarding an issue with BR. I hope it’ll be resolved very soon.


@chetanmaini627 hn may be.
Buyer request are being display to you or not?

They’re being displayed and people are still able to send them the offers. But I can’t.

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May be there is some issue.
Hope to get it resolved.


I’m also facing same problem .Zero offers left .:pensive:

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have a look here


I have the same problem, must be a system bug.


I think that is a bug, I am also facing this issue.

this is also happening to me i sent 9 offers buyer request section should say 1 offer let but its showing that i have 9 offers left

Should we utilize these offers or not?

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I have the same problem, I hope it’ll be resolved soon…

i think we should utilize these offers if its possible

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OK Thank you. Hopefully everything goes well.

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I think there is something going to upgrade, I myself didn’t responded to any buyer request and my daily quota is empty.

Just consider it as a fiverr blessings. :slight_smile: stay blessed.


@ chetanmaini627 same problem also for me. I don’t what can I do:slightly_frowning_face:

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Response from fiverr team:

Matt Today at 18:17


Thank you for letting us know about this. We’re aware of the issue and our engineering and operations teams are working on resolving this urgently.

Please try again in a few hours, and if the problem persists, let us know

Best regards

Matt | Fiverr Customer Support
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