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Fiverr Dashboard Analytics Update (Everyone)

Reached out to someone at Fiverr (not CS) and found that the team is running tests/doing updates and that it should be fixed/updated sometime today. Just wanted everyone to be in the loop.


Keep this at the top so people don’t have to keep adding to the madness.

Thank you for making things clear!

It’s back to normal now.


Though nothing on the page seems different. I thought maybe they would add a new stat. Maybe it’s just a fix/recalc rather than a recalc because they’ve added (or will) a new figure to the stats. Or maybe they have added a new figure but it will only be shown to some sellers, like those in the new seller teams (Fiverr studio) or once Fiverr studio goes out of beta. Or maybe any new fields won’t be shown separately on the dashboard/analytics.

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Or, perhaps they changed the code/calculation, and didn’t flick the switch to turn it on on the site. Maybe they just got things ready in the site code, and aren’t ready to activate the changes yet. :wink:

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