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I just had the most bizarre experience with scary implications. So here’s the gist…

Was chatting to order a Gig with some funky vernacular rarely used in general communications, and especially not used at work.

The same day, within a few hours, the manager of the company Slacked me using practically identical sentences (plural) but in a different context.

So…like wtf?!

This is no coincidence and it is not the first time it has happened, but it is the first time it happened from Fiverr.

No other influences should explain this that I am aware of…

I do not like this

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The simplest explanation for this is that the company was attempting to communicate with you outside Fiverr. I suggest you block them.

Perhaps your company has :male_detective: spyware to :eyes: look in on what you are doing on your computer at work. :thinking:


Well…I still need the work done…

but in all seriousness…want it to stop

i just got a reply back from a guy i know who was able to confirm that the company i work for is somehow able to access private information (Fiverr chat with sellers and more) but he was did not say how…
i don’t trust fiverr. and now i have to figure what i’m going to do about this.

When I worked for a school system our school counselor got fired for accessing pornography on his school computer. I do not think your issue is Fiverr, it is your employer.

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cancel culture on fiverr…now i definitely don’t trust fiverr

Why, because your own company is spying on you, and not for the first time, either?


At some point in the routing of packets from my NIC to Fiverr’s messaging servers or proxies, they were able to capture this data, so the questions remaining are…

  • Did the capturing of the data occur on the personal PC and then sent from the browser’s virtual mem to a 3rd party
  • Did the capturing of the data occur during the flight between or on any (e.g. EPROM) of the hops between autonomous networks before reaching the destination (e.g. traceroute or ip route table poisoning)
  • Is the company capturing themselves or is there a 3rd party capturing the data? For example, is Google Analytics or another Fiverr partner capturing text nodes and events from the directly from the DOM and sending that data to third parties (e.g. via tracking pixels with URL parameters) or straight up CORS enabled by Fiverr
  • Is it a foothold and oppression that cancel culture has and is keeping from being exposed, by calling it conspiracy and delegitimizing any argument?

I could have posted this anywhere to voice concern, it just happened to be Fiverr. Fiverr is a market of businesses, so cancel culture and privacy violations I cannot tolerate.

I have nothing to say further about this matter.

At our school it was the IT department that enabled the principal to spy on us. We were warned our teacher’s union to send all communication to them via our personal computers at home.