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Fiverr database may have been hacked

Please be aware! Apparently, someone has gotten access to Fiverr’s database.

I received a spam message through my Site’s Contact Us form. My original site design was worked on by someone at Fiverr, so that’s the connection.

Please note - the guy named in the threat below has no connection to me and would have no idea what my site is. Apparently, Fiverr deleted his profile.

So, Fiverr’s database has probably been hacked, or this has been done by one of their employees.

So beware!

From: ******
Subject: contact me asap

Message Body:
Hi, I wanted to let you know that your site has a lot of porn and gambling spam. Please get in touch to me to have removed. If you dont contact, there will be more porn spam and your site will be dead. So no waste time and order my gig now******

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Sorey this happened to you. This doesn’t suggest a database hack or internal hack.

Scammers happen in Fiverr independently of the platform. That is why you must report them.


This is not a hacker, this is scammer who just selects reandom profiles and sends messages to them. The scammer saw your website adress on a review, portfolio or somewhere else on your profile, then he/she send you a message to order his/her gig. That’s how some people make living. It’s disgusting even to hear it.


The same trick is used to defame competition. They send messages posing as someone else so they will be removed by Fiverr.

Not likely. It’s not like just anyone on Fiverr can look up my past gig - 18 months ago.

The ONLY “sellers” on Fiverr who would have known my domain don’t have accounts anymore.

I spend 25 years in IT - so it’s far more likely that someone in Fiverr shared info out - as this SAME msg was posted from MANY other previous Fiverr associated gig domains. Or - that the database was hacked.

The guy who actually had his profile referenced really had nothing to do with this - and there is no way at all he could have known about my site.

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Have you considered it is maybe someone who worked on your site. If you have given the task to a seller who is no longer in fiverr, then maybe it is they who are sending you messages.

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Right. Sending scam messages is totally different from hacking, which is the infiltration of a system to compromise it. Anyone can send a scam email. All you have to do is set up an account and then message them.

If I send someone a scam message, that doesn’t mean at all that I hacked them. The hack would be subsequent to a scam, if related at all.


If someone shared info and then people used info to send messages systematically as you describe, that still isn’t a hack. A hack means someone infiltrates a system program and exerts some control over it.


A few months ago (or several months ago?) something similar happened to a bunch of people. There was no hacking involved.


There was a banner about this blackmail kinda thing on the forum some time ago, as several people got such messages. I think the matter is still a sticky post on the Fiverr subreddit, or was when I looked at that recently.
Maybe you can find some info about it there, and of course contact support about it.


That doesn’t mean it could not have been them doing it. As blackmail goes it’s very amateur.