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Fiverr deactivated my account /no exposure for me

Hello there , i hope u all are fine.

I will explain my problem completely here.

I joined Fiverr like almost 3 years ago. I am providing services in Graphics and Design category. It was a slow start in the beginning but with the passage of time i learned a lot. Then i started teaching this skill to other also. As i mentioned 1 year ago in my post that i started an acadmy with few of my friends and started training local students. Uptil now i have taught almost 150+ students.

My fiverr gig analytic are also gud which are as follow.

  • 2300+ orders
  • 1200 positive reviews.
  • Only 10 negative reviews in 3 years.
  • level 2 seller.
  • average price=$16

    NOW COMING TO real topic.

    Recently fiverr blocked my all gig in suspicion of not following TOS . According to them i might have made multiple accounts. But upon multiple times explanation that i havent made any other account they kept it blocked. Now the reason i understood was that in those days i taught my sister and she also started earning . She was using my laptop very often as i had all tools and other stuff needed for designing. I was also helping her to get more order and provide excellent services. Sometimes when she is busy , she asked me to deliver order on behalf of her. But i never ever used that for myself. As she is even living in different city so her access point was different.

    Then my sister requested to unblock my account. From there i dont know what happened Fiverr people opened my gigs but when i asked them about the status of my account they always replied that you didnt follow TOS and your account is still blocked so you will not have that privilege.

    My gig was working great those days i was making upto $4500 per month As fiverr people can check my record. My gigs are still not showing anywhere even if i make new gigs and when i contact fiverr they are saying that u can make a new account as this account will not get exposure.

    I was working on fiverrr for 3 years with 1200+ votes on single gig. and they are saying to make new gig now :/.

    This is soo unjust and this mattter should be solved by fiverr.


    Moreover i dont understand why my account was blocked . My sister account was new with 10,12 orders.

    p.s my gig analytic are attached.

    Please help to solve this problem. I want my gigs back.

I can understand you, I sell on other marketplaces and I saw people on that forums (with earnings more than million dollars a year) that their accounts has been suspended, closed etc. I didn’t experience it myself, but I talked to some of them. The worst of it all is that with new account you will have to build it all again and no-one will believe your words when you say that you had this and that account but it was closed. I think that support here or anywhere isn’t always right but there are also humans working. I don’t understand why they would suspend you when there’s so many fake accounts out there spamming with their fake gigs. Keep your head up, if you need any help just contact me and we’ll find a solution I hope:)

You said you sometimes helped your sister and delivered work for her. And you also said that your sister lives in a different city.

So then how did you deliver work for your sister to help her out? That must mean, since you are in a different city, you logged into her account from you computer, correct? WEll, that did you in right there. Two different accounts being logged in from the same IP. Surely you must realize that many scammers on Fiverr would make stories up to try and make Fiverr believe that it was not a “second” account.

@sincere18 dear my account was making $4500 a month that was way wayyyyyyy more than my needs. Fiverr can check this whether its true or not.
Moreover i dont need to lie at all. Whatever i said every word of it is true… Yess she was living in different city i mentioned this for fiverr to check whether new account(My sister) was mostly accessed by different city or not ???
she was at my place for 2 months when i taught her this thing. But then she left and she was working from different place. Moreover different students were always accessing their account from my computer to show their work .
Read my post from 1 year earlier. I told then i am trainer also. Look at my analytics do u really think i needed any other account man >?
This is a big thing that i swear that i never ever made any other account for myself. NEVER EVER !!!

Moreover even if they had suspicion than they should have closed new account . not an old account which i started in 2013. Even my sister was feeling so sorry for it that because of her my full time running account got closed.

Cool down, mate. There is no need to get angry, this is normal that people will think this was. Try resolving this problem one more time with the support.

Such a sad story ! I really feel sorry for you ! i just have a question from you
when she used your laptop she was using the same IP or she used her own IP connection and just used your LAPTOP

@sincere18 Dear the new account of my sister mine was old. When i swear on that thing that i never ever made any account for me. then whats left ? how can i prove this thing tell me that ? even she contacted them.

@lennadesigns i wish they listen to me :confused: . i have been trying to contact them they are not replying. when i posted the ticket no to Facebook they blocked me from the page also. Which i thnk was really rude as i wasnt spamming.

@hskills Seriously i dont know what with this IP thing. I mean whats wrong with someone using ur laptop to deliver his work. People do this all the time. We friend use each other laptop to for emails and other work stuff also.
She was just using my laptop to deliver her work. So thats for sure the ip is same.

I really wish I could help you in this matter somehow. I guess that maybe they didn’t do an exception towards you because they would have to do exception for everyone then, and everyone would be running around - fiverr then would become a kindergarten with everyone doing whatever they want. If they don’t solve the problem and you’re telling the truth then you may create another account or have your own website with your services and direct people there.

I know it sad, there are people in the same house who may want to work for fiverr, i think it happened bec you and your sister had the same GIG so could be reason, even having multiple accounts is not a problem as to my knowledge unless gigs are not the same thats what i read in fiver terms and conditions ! Any how my sincere apologies, i really felt bad when i read it all ! I hope you’ll be back in game soon. In the end the one holding quality and skills never fail

@leannadesigns yes i can make new account . I am confident of my skills. But it would take months to reach on top in such competitive category. i was in top list rows of high rating category. And its not exception . There wasnt a single order on my gig from my country or same ip. Just if they are thinking that i was using to boost my rating. I never ordered on my sisters account. and even not to my students.
this is a legible case. not a fake one.
The main thing is i had 1200+ votes and still 99% satisfaction.

@hskills I have good skills . And i believe one should teach other also so that they also get chance to learn. i never cared that in future they will compete with me. My 3 students are Top Rated sellers. i can give u names. Ask them they will approve this.
i dont only depend on fiverr but still it was my hard work. i never cheated fiverr . instead i was trainer other people.

I think you came back very well, you have 1218 views which is quit a come back ! High spirits

Are you still getting orders at the same pace as before ?

@sincere18 good point . Yess i told fiverr people about this training thing when i started working on it . Just to get appreciation and also i mentioned on forum in my thread “how i got on fiverr” Moreover i am telling that i never made any order from that id to any of my country id and neither they did on me. All of my work and votes are authenticated . U can check my 2000 logos none of them will look fake to . not user not id. none of them are from pakistan.

@mdskills i am getting orders from previous sellers with whom i worked for 3 years. MAny of them are my permanent buyer. They asked for direct payment but i never accepted that .
Fiverr support is saying that they will not give me exposure , not to my new gig also as they think that i ddnt follow TOS.

@sincere18 her account was made by her on her laptop . but we were in same house . As she was here for 2 months. Her account was made by different ip for sure coz i guided her only like thats how to make account and gigs.
She is still working and getting orders.
Now i am living in UAE .i shifted here 3 months ago. But she is still in Pakistan. IF this helps fiverr to solve things.

one simple question to @sincere18 . If u have an account which is making $3000-4500 a month and ur expense is not more than $1000 would u make a new account ?
I dont think u will need new account the workload was that much for me that i was working 14-16 hours a day only on fiverr. i stopped working for local clients and on other sites also. I was delivering 25-30 orders a day.(including re deliveries)