Fiverr declined 3 different credit cards in a row


I’m brand new to Fiverr and I tried to purchase a gig yesterday and my credit card could not be processed. I tried 2 more credit cards and those couldn’t be processed either. I checked with my credit card institution and they said theirs nothing wrong n their end. This is ridiculous, all I want to do is purchase a simple gig and can’t even do that because all of my cards get declined. They are major credit cards based in the United States and should have no problem being processed. I have contacted support and they don’t seem to care at all. WHAT CAN I DO SO THAT I CAN PURCHASE A GIG??? I’m begging for a legitimate, actual answer.


Here is the thing, right now if I tried purchasing using my visa or master card, the purchase won’t go through. Reason being some banks take precautionary measures against online purchases. Banks tend to block those purchases until you give them the heads up to allow the purchase to go through. If you have already contacted support, wait for their reply.


I used 3 different US based credit cards. All from major carriers Citi, Discover, and Chase. All 3 seem to be getting declined. I called the discover support and citibank support and both told me that Fiverr is reversing the charges which is not allowing the payment to go through. Question is, is why? Why won’t Fiverr allow any of my cards to be processed? And it sucks because Fiverr customer support is pretty much telling me its not on their end so its a cat and mouse game at this point.


Unless you have some reason to not use PayPal, you could try that, it seems this kind of bugs happens sometimes with credit cards, but I haven´t yet heard that PayPal doesn´t work, and I definitely have heard from a customer that credit card didn´t but PayPal did work for them.

I don´t want to say that it doesn´t matter that it doesn´t work with your credit cards for you with this, of course it should work and Fiverr and your bank should work this out, just as a maybe quick solution, if you need to buy some service fast.


My prespective:
Fiverr is not an US Company first of all… it’s an Israeli company. Some banks add a security feature (International purchases safety) on their cards, so if someone tries to purchase the item across the border then they will decline the payment. I think your cards are not Internationally active to use them across the border. If i am correct, if your cards are not internationally active then you need to contact your Bank.

Otherwise use @miiila formula! It will definitely work. :slight_smile:


I did this, I just transferred money from my bank to my paypal. Problem with this method is you have to wait 3 days for that money to be transferred into your paypal. Therefore, Fiverr services is technically a waste of time if their going to decide to ONLY accept Israeli’s for payment.


Actually no, you don’t have to wait 3 days for money, once you link your card to paypal you can buy using your funds in the card, the funds are deducted in 5 minutes


It’s a bug and Support are the only ones that can help. (Unless you use Paypal)

Please keep us updated!


Hm, I´m mainly a seller and my last purchases I paid from my balance, but the first thing I did on Fiverr wasn´t sell but buy a gig, with PayPal, it worked right away, and I´m in Germany.
Well, I hope you get it sorted out soon, respectively Fiverr and your bank do.