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Fiverr Decreasing Orders Flow

Hey there fiverr community,
I’m a video editor on fiverr and now this may sound pretty basic but it’s just weird how I got 1-2 orders in the start of me getting active on fiverr 5 months ago but for the past few weeks, I’ve not been getting anything.

The tips that I got from different YouTube channels and senior freelancers was to promote my gig on social media, which I did. There were also people who asked me to reply faster to any messages so I worked on my response rate as well. Furthermore, I built a profile that has proper accounts linked, qualifications, fiverr courses taken, skills added, English fluency test taken etc but then too it’s pretty saddening how I’m getting no orders on fiverr.
Link to my gig:

So help a junior freelancer out and give me tips on how I can grow. My skill set is great for the job I’m expected to perform and in fact, a couple of Level 2 Sellers out sourced there projects which got them a solid 5 rating on over some 19 projects in the last month.

Looking forward to the responses here to improve my fiverr experience!